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I am currently on CD17 of an artificial cycle. Due to irregular bleeding after my MC I was put on some tablets to regulate the bleeding. After stopping the tablets I started bleeding and finished on CD7, I then started using CBD OV tests and I got a smiley face on CD10 and CD11. This is really early for me, before my cycle I would have a 30 day cycle and OV arounf CD15/16. Is being so early a problem?

Anyway, despite OV early we BD around all the right time. Not sure when to expet AF due to artificial nature of cycle so two weeks after OV would mean Af due on Friday and this would be a 26 day cycle.......

After getting me second smiley face I had a tiny bleed, quite red that same evening, just a few spots when I wiped, and then nothing else after. Then on Friday, 8 days after I had some pink colour when I wiped, very little but deffo had a pink colour, again this was it nothing else and it was not red, just pink.......

Thinking the timing is perfect for an OV bleed and an implantation bleed...... I have never had these before, but thought I may now experience this after the MC!!!!!!! Just clinging onto any hope that I get a BFP.

I have also been feeling cramps, like AF is coming but nothing at all, also had really bad lower back pains........, both come and go during the day.......

Finally today I was out shopping and I felt like I was bleeding, ran to the toilet checking as always on knicker watch since the MC and it was just discharge (sorry TMI).

What do you think are these good signs, or is my body just playing tricks with me...........
I think I just need to switch off until Friday when I can test....... Im turning into a manic woman!!!!!!!!!

Glad to be back here TTC at least.:\)


  • I haven't had anything like this but from reading things on other forums etc it does sound quite promising.

    I hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • Didn't want to R&R but hope its a BFP for u.

  • Didn't want to R&R but hope its a BFP for u.

  • Sounds like you could have had implantation, but our bodies are so crazy at times, try and relax (easier said than done, I know) and fingers crossed!! xxx
  • Good advice, that is exactly what I am going to do, I had another little bout of spotting yesterday, thought it was AF and so thought I was out, but had ont tiny spot and then nothing else since, nothing else today. Really think body is still all messed up from MC and still not back to normal........

    Not really sure when Af would be due, but tomorrow is two weeks since I got a smiley face on OV test...... so should be any time now really.......

    Just going to chill out and wait and see, expecting AF so not going to test just going to wait till I start AF and if nothing next week then I will see.

    Got an appointment with Gyne specialist next week so should know a bit more by then anyway.

    Thanks for the advice though, how is everyone?
  • I'm surprisingly ok today, had a crap couple of weeks, but have joined Weight watchers (put loads of weight on since m/c) I have had my referral to the recurrent m/c clinic, my DH is about to start testosterone injections and we are in first cycle of using a CBFM, so quite excited to have some hope again! I always feel better when things are happening and I'm busy!

    So when would your test day be? x
  • Not really sure TBH, tomorrow is two weeks past OV, so any time soon really, but they way my body has been since MC in Feb is could be anytime, just hoping I do get one so I know that I am back into a cycle...... either that of a BFP!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • Hey hun, didn't want to R&R either, but wanted to say lots and lots of luck and heres a massive bucketload of babydust for you xxx
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