Praying for a third time lucky!

Well AF has arrived after my ERPC four weeks ago and she has come back with a vengeance! booo, I am feeling a bit sorry for myself but at the same time pleased that my body is getting back to normal.

I am looking forward to trying again, I think we are ready to go for it - that is all we can do as I cant bring my baby back,

I would have been due my first baby in two weeks, or with my second baby I would be 17 weeks today! Funny how time moves so quick, but it does get easier with time.

I am hoping we have some sticky baby dust this month - and good luck to all you other girls!



  • Good luck for next month jc6563. I am waiting for AF but no sign yet but really don't think we have been successful this month as mmc'd 4 weeks ago and don't think I have ov'd yet so could be waiting another couople of weeks until body gets back to normal. You are right - nothing can bring your baby back but hopefully you will be lucky next month. Sending lots of baby dust to all.
  • thank you girls.
    after first mc it took us 3 months to conceive again so hope it is about the same again and this time for keeps.
    good luck to you both.
  • Good luck next month first Af after ERPC was with vengence....never had period pains like it - but as you said its a sign your body is getting back to normal. I would have been 20 weeks with mine on Sunday - its a bit sad when I see other people on DID board having their 20 week scan- but I have hope for this month.

    Fingers crossed for you.
    Sue xx
  • I hate today and just wish it was over with now, sorry for TMI but I am bleeding loads and hate every second of it. I never want to feel like this again I dont think I could cope with this again I feel really low at the moment.

    Just wish it was over with x
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