help i think i'm going crazy

hi guys. its been a while but i hope you are all well.
anyway i'm due on in the next few days. my cycles tend to come between 28 and 30 days so no exact day. i took a frpt as my boobs are sore and got an extreamly faint line. i was about to chuck it when i thought wahats that. i took it to the window and there is something there. very very very faint. what does this mean. am i pg or mad or seeing something that i want to be there. has anyone else had this?
thanks kat:\?:\?:\?


  • Well honey there is a lady over in the regular ttc forum who has gone through this - her name is Sparkly Diamond. There is a big long thread in that forum you could read it rather than start your own if you don't really want to share with a wider audience (I know that now I prefer to share my thoughts on this forum rather than the other ttc).

    Lots of ladies would say a line is a line, but sometimes a line isn't a line, if you see what I mean. So what I would advise is to wait for as long as you possibly can and then test again. My cycle is also between 28 and 30 and I find it very frustrating not having a concrete day to test on, so I know how impatient you must be feeling.

    Really hoping it's your bfp, let us know what happens, love Sara
  • Hi hun

    I agree with M&S (that thread is long is over there).

    Generally a line is a line but depending on what test you use when you actually see the line i.e. some leave the test for hours, days etc then go back to it LOL.
    But FR I dont know of anyone reporting evap lines with those as there very reliable.

    I would def re-test with fmu again maybe in a couple of days if you can hold out (easier said I know) but at least in2 days time your hcg should be a bit stronger & pick up a darker line.

    It sounds really positive hun, (whispering congrats) keep us updated hun. xxxx
  • thanks guys. i'm just so nervous after the mc. i'll test again in two days if i can hang on. better said than done!!!! i use the cbfm so i know that my peak was 23rd jan. that makes only 11 days so may be a bit early anyway. i want to know as we have a party in a few days and i don't want to drink if i am pg. well heres hoping.
    thanks again
  • Hi kittykat27.

    I would go and buy another test. This happened to me when i got my bfp. I tried on a cheap test that i had bought from amazon and it showed a very very faint line. So i went and bought a clear blue digital. I never thought it would be positive on this as it was sooo faint. But it was, i was so shocked when it came up pregnant 1-2 weeks and i didn't even poas in the morning it was just in the afternoon. It was 2 days after af was due though. So good luck. x
  • hey hun with my first preg a used a cheap test and got a feint line but it didnt appear straight away, it was after 30 mins. the instructions advised to ignore any readings after 30 mins though...
    but when i still didnt come on afew days later i re-tested with a clear blue which showed up possitive within seconds image

    so i would say try again in a day or so and good luck image

  • well its all over.......again. thanks for the lovely messages! i don't know what was happening but i had a heavy bleed for 5 days. feeling very down but carring on. using the cbfm again this cycle. so heres hoping!!
    good luck everyone
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