so frustrated

Hi guys,

Well I did a pregnancy test this morning with a superdrug one, there was a line so faint that i couldn't tell what colour it was, it got stronger by 10 mins and there's def a pink line now but the leaflet says don't read after 10 mins so should i discount this?

Then I did a cb digital which says not pregnant,

I'm so frustrated because i've been feeling queasy, tired and frequently urinating for 5/6 days no so i thought by now i'd have a definite answer.

I suppose i will have to wait and do one in a few days....torture.



  • I would say that a line means yes. However your hormone is probably still rEally low at minute. Sd is most sensitive test on Market whereas cbd isn't. The hcg doubles every 2nd day so try again in couple of days. I got my first faint bfp on sd at 9dpo and it kept getting stronger. Now I'm 3+ on cbd good luck x
  • I think any line is a yes. Your hormone levels are prob very low because its still early. I MC on 5th July but clueless as to cycles etc, but still hoping for BFP soon. Sooo excited for you. Look after yourself xxxx
  • Thanks girls, I know if someone asked me I would say the same as you but I don't think I will believe it until I get an unequivocal result. I just keep thinking what if it was an evaporation line or I saw a line that wasn't there.

    Not getting much work done today!

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