Humorous dream

I just had a really funny dream this morning. I dreamt that I had another baby (it was another boy) and he had blonde hair (even though hubby, our son, and I have dark brown hair) and even in my dream I was in love with him. I kept telling hubby that I couldn't believe I was the mother of 2 children. The funny part about it was that I could not remember any of the details about my birth or labor. I kept asking hubby about the details, I asked him if I had anothet c section and he told me no, you had a VBAC (even though in real life he does not know what VBAC stands for). Then I asked him when we had the baby and he said 2 weeks ago, even though the baby was the size of a 6 month old! Then I just remember sitting in a swing we had outside (one of the 3 swings we oddly had sitting outside) and I started breastfeeding him. That last part was crazy because even in the dream I loved that baby sooo much! I sat there feeding him and rubbing his cheek. When I woke up I felt like I really had another baby, but obviously was disappointed when I realized I was dreaming. But it did make me laugh when I recalled all the details about it. I really can't wait for another one now lol


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