Fed up.

I posted that the other day I had the faintest line on a predictor test. The next day I did a Clear Blue Digital, which said not pregnant.

I thought I would give it a couple of days and try again, so I did, today I did a boots test which was negative.

So where is my damn AF? My cycles are always 28-30 days. Today is day 32 argghhhh.

I feel like I am never going to get pg.

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  • Hi MrsJB, I know how you feel. My af was 10 days late!!! I kept testing but got BFN. Before my mc my cycle was 28 days but this month af showed up on day 39. I was getting so fed up waiting. I knew i wasn't pregnant but you can't help being a tiny bit optimistic.

    I'm not sure if your circumstances are similar to mine but i'm assuming my body is still getting back to normal. I had mc at 8 weeks in jan, but bled for ages afterwards. I've now had 2 af's and i'm hoping this is going to be my month. I've even invested in a CBFM.

    I know the CB tests aren't that sensitive so it may be that your hcg levels are still low. Apparently the superdrug tests are the most sensitive, so maybe try one of them. Its not over until af arrives. Keep my fingers crossed. x

  • Thank you x

    It was a superdrug test today (on offer! BOGOF!). I wasn't going to waste my remaining CBD lol!!

    I will just assume AF is playing silly buggers lol.

    Good luck this month x x x
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