Hi Ladies

Well, I had a great birthday weekend away in Bath - didn't want to come home. image Did lots of shopping and we stayed in a lovely hotel and had a four poster bed too - ahhhh - hubby is soooo romantic.

The break away was just what we needed. I now feel 100% ready to TTC again, thought I never thought I would say that a few weeks ago. I feel in a really good place and very positive right now.

We've decided not to test when ovulating or do anything that we did last time, we are just going to have fun and see what happens, if you know what I mean, so fingers crossed we fall again quite quickly, took us 4 months last time, and that was after coming off the pill, which I was on for many many years!!

Babydust to everyone.

Z xx


  • Its good to hear your feeling more positive about things and you had a lovely time away. I've been to bath before and its lovely. Good luck. x
  • Thanks MrsKD - how's the CBFM going??? Zxx
  • glad u had a good time in bath, heres ti u getting a BFP soon.

  • have fun BDing!! lol hope u get a BFP soon!! im testing thursday!!! very scared! xx
  • Hi Z, thanks for your reply to my message over in Preg after miscarriage. Good to hear you are feeling good and ready to ttc. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, your hubby sounds great!

    We didn't bother with charting ovulation or anything this month. We went away to Barcelona for 4 days which by chance coincided with when I was ovulating. Planned it as a bit of a second honeymoon as the last one was kind of ruined by having to have my ERPC on return. We both felt like we had been cheated out of our newly wed phase so we made up for it in Barcelona and hey presto without the pressure of ovulation sticks we did it! Thanks goodness for all those siestas!!!

    Sending you lots and lots of babydust hope you can move over to Preg after miscarriage very soon! Enjoy all the BDing! x x
  • Hi Bubabear - thanks for your message. Like I said, we are not going to use any ovulation tests or anything that we did last time either, just see what happens. I'm so pleased for you and I hope to follow in your footsteps soon. Take care. Zxx
  • Im not using all the other stuff either Zoe i didnt use it last time and managed to fall while using contraception! So im hoping that the fact im now not on any i should fall relatively quickly!!
    So far we have had no show of AF this month so were still hoping image xxx Good Luck TTC hun and i hope we will both be in the DUE IN groups soon!! xxx
  • Hi angelkisses, sending you sticky babydust too and good luck, hope you fall soon. Zxx
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