Help please..... I did a CB digital on Friday and it came back not pregnant, did another one today with FMU and it came back not pregnant, so I was convinced my hormone level has come back to 0. As a result I started on my OV tests so I can try and work out my cycle, It came back positive!!!!!!!

I really don't think I am OV as only just had what I tihink is AF. I know CB digital are not the most sensitive test. Do you think my hormone levels are just really low, but still being picked up on a OV test but low enough to give a BFN on the CB test?????????:\?


  • I'm not entirely sure honey, but perhaps the mc has made your body ov early. Perhaps you could try another hpt test, like Superdrug or something, as I think those are very sensitive. xxSara
  • Nothing is ever simple, is it?! I would guess that there is still a little hcG hanging around - I think CB digital picks up 50miu+, whereas some detect 10miu+.

    How strong was the OV test?

    Hannah xx
  • Hi
    I've done superdrug & sainsburys HPT which have come out neg but dd a CBD and its said 1-2 weeks (which I don't understand).... I did an CB Dig Ovulation test after my superdrug neg and it said I wasn't ovulating so I don't think that the ov test wil pick it up if you have a little bit of HCG left in your system cos it didnt with mine?!?
    You said you had what you think was your af - could it have been a continuation of previous bleeding poss and maybe you are ov now??
    Why are our bodies so confusing grrrr
  • Well did a FR test this morning and it was a BFN, so I have no doubt that hormones are back to 0 as FR are very sensitive tests. But I am still bleeding, I really hope that this must be AF, it is the right time, and considering levels are back to 0 no other real explanation for the bleeding now!!!!!!!! Should start stopping around Thursday/Friday..... fingers crossed!
  • Hi 3054, what a nightmare, im afraid I cant give any advice on the ov tests because Ive never used them but hopefully this is your AF that you are having now and then you will be finally through this stage

    Good luck

  • I am 99% sure it is now. After the bledding got to next to nothing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, since Saturday I have been bleeding quite heavily, one really heavy episode either day or night and then like a normal AF flow the rest of the time, the time is about right 4 weeks after the op and I am getting bad tummy pains. My normal AF is quite light but I know to xpect a heavy first AF, should I am almost sure this is it. Will wait till Saturday to see................ keeping fingers crossed!
  • I'm glad your body seems to be cutting you some slack now 3054. Bodies can be so annoying sometimes, especially when you just want them to be normal again.
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