Too early to test!?

Hi ladies. I will be 9DPO tomoro and this evening bout a tesco cheapie as the woman behind the counter says they are quite sensitive, so i followed her advice and got one.
But do you think it will be too early to test tomoro at 9DPO??



  • sorry g/c from preg after mc, i didnt get a bfp untill i was 3 days late for af. the day i was due and the next 2days i tested but got a neg. so i would say to wait till your due for af just to be sure you dont get a false possitive image
  • Oki cheers hun image
    Am finding it so so hard waiting!!
    Just want to know now lol
  • Hold on hun, I got a BFN at 9 DPO but just got my BFP at 15 days xx
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