FAO AmberL & sparkles

Hi there. I have decided to go with your idea and wait for the 11th. Now I know im not alone it will help me to stay away from the HPT's.
To be honest im not very hopeful this month but taking it casual anyway so we will see.
I am actually going to stay in my aunts next week and she has just infromed me that her internet is not working. I will be back home on the 11th so maybe thats a good thing image

Lots of luck xx

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  • Hiya ladies...can I join you on the 11th? Based on ERPC date I my Af should be due on the 10th if it comes 28 days after.....or should I hold out even longer....my theory is that if I don't test I can't get knocked down....either that or my Af will arrive...but even holding out as far as the 11th might be a challenge but if you too are aswell then I will try to be good !
  • Hello Babylove and Sparkles1!

    Sorry, I missed this yesterday, but it's good to start our own possy!

    My husband has all the tests hidden somewhere, and he's away on business next week, and only gets back on the 10th for one night, then he's away again for two nights, so the only morning that I can hassle the tests out of him is the 11th! AF is in theory due on 9th (not entriely certain as think cycle has decreased in length sine the mc in April..) so 2 days after seems a good date!

    Only problem is that I'm popping to Superdrug in about an hour to pick up some toilettries for him going away, and I know I am going to be so tempted to buy some SD tests! If I do, I know I'll give in before he gets back, which I really don't want to do!

    So, I will be good, and I will not buy anymore tests! There, said it! It's all just a waste of money till AF is due anyway - that is after all the cheapest test anyway!

    Sticky baby dust on our little group (and all others!)!

  • Hi sparkles, glad your joining us. Hopefully we have the willpower to not test early. I know I did last time at 9DPO and got a BFP but not hopeful this month anyway so should save me a bit of money.

    Amber I hope you resisted buying any tests although I know I would have caved image

    Only 9 more days ladies image
  • I managed not to buy any more tests!!!!! Hopefully being a good strong girl gets me lots of baby dust!image

    I've got one SD and one CBD left from previous months, so that will do to start with! Also need to not tear the whole house apart whilst hubbie's away to find them!

    Babylove, we're only allowed PMA here, so you will have to use a HPT on the 11th!!!!
  • Hiya ladies...been away for the weekend busy walking up Snowdon with the girls from work so helped me forget about not testing....however hadsore boobs last night and today so hard to not get carried away with symptom spotting.....however I have got a very busy week at work this week trying to get school reports finished so hopefully the time will pass quickly! Roll on the weekend!!
  • Well ladies I've had grumbly Af like pains today but so far no sign of Af...althougth I'm not expecting Af till 10th which will be 28days post ERPC........but last time I was pregnant I also had similar Af like pains at around this time (CD 23) before getting BFP on CD 35. Trying to got get too excited as its so hard to tell whether this is implantation pain or Af pain.
  • Hi ladies, im 8 DPO and no sign of anything. Not looking for symptoms though as I think its too early.
    Im slightly worried about caving tomorrow as I got my BFP last time at 9DPO. I hope I dont as im away on hols at the minute and hoped to be too occupied to think about it. I have one test with me though :roll:

    Sparkles I know what you mean about the af cramps. You can never be sure if it the witch coming or not. Come on, we can make it till the 11th

    Amber how you doing?

    PMA ladies xxxx
  • Trying not to symptom spot!

    I'm definitely not going to test till hubbie gets back, so I won't be testing till the 11th...

    I worry about testing early, as it picks up the fertilised un-implanted eggs (happens really very often sadly) and the feeling of loss is just too much. I'd rather not know...

    I think it was a lot easier back in our mother's day, when you had to miss 2 periods before you could go to the docs for a blood test! And then the results took 3 weeks!

    Sorry, didn't mean to put a downer on the PMA!

    Babylove - save the one test you have for FMU on the 11th!

    Sparkles - good willpower last time! Keep it up!
  • Amber - last time was less about will power but more about having just come off the pill after 10yrs on it and not really being sure about cycle lengths. This time will require will power....although equally due to ERPC I'm not 100% sure of cycle length to expect so just going with 28 days I think...although tempted to wait till 35days to avoid possibilty of picking up on a chemical pregnancy.
    Roll on next week!
  • Hi girls, sorry my work internet blocks most of this thread due to "suspected offensive page content"! No idea what that is!

    Sparkles - I would advise you to hold on for as long as possible if you can! the 11th is day 36 for me, and is 2 days after my period is officially due, although I've not been able to confim cycle lengths since the MC, so it's still a bit of a guess...

    Wonder how Babylove is doing! Don't think she's got the internet this week!
  • hiya ladies..how you doing?

    Babylove- hope you've had a good time at your aunts and managged to keep your mind suitably occupied!

    I've been symtom spotting....naughty I know...but unfortunatly I think Af is on her way....tummy cramps today...Af should be due from today anytime onwards up to next week ish....this will be first Af after my ERPC....only had one cycle prior to getting pregnant after being on the pill for 10 yrs...so not overly sure of my cycle...it used to be 28days prior to the pill but that was a decade ago!! cycle straight after coming off the pill was 35 days

    Hope you ladies have no sign of Af and have lots of PMA for testing tomorrow

    Take care
    Sue x
  • Well, AF was due late yesterday/early today, and no sign yet, so still gots hopes up!

    Sparkles, until AF arrives she's not here so keep up the PMA! If I was you, I'd wait a bit longer to test, if you can manage to wait!

    I'll update you tomorrow on my testing, assuming AF doesn't arrive overnight!

  • Sounding positivie Amber......I gave in.....as I'm pretty positive this is Af cramps i'm having I decided to test so i'd know for sure...couldn't wait till tomorrow....it wasn't FMU but I got a BFN on a cheap ebay stick....which although I wish was BFP at least I'll have a better idea of cycles when AF does actually arrive. to be honest we weren't actively trying by ensuring we BD'd around ovualtion as I didn't really know when this would be...we just BD'd when it took our fancy so not overly gutted that its not BFP...plus having Af is another sign my body is getting back to normal after ERPC...the coming month I'll be able to work out ovualtion times a bit better. Plus I have two weeks left at work then 6 weeks off (i'm a teacher) so I can really focus on eating healthily and without stress my body will be ready hopefully. Kind of now wish Af would hurry up and come so I can start next cycle.
    Hope we hear good news from you two tomorrow
  • Sparkles, that first AF after mc is actually quite comforting - I didn't try in that cycle, so I suppose at least I knew I wasn't, but I also think that the hormones start to calm down just before AF, so everything becomes more manageable.

    Still hopeful that AF won't turn up though for you!
  • Well ladies, how you getting on. Its D day today and I think I will wait till tomorrow or the next day to test. I caved and tested on Friday and it was a BFN. I think it would have shown up by then if i had been.
    Af is due tomorrow and I can feel her coming. I know you get af pains when preg but its not the cramps I have an ache that I get a day or two before she comes. Also my CM has been none existent so not looking good.

    Amber any sign of the witch?

    Sparkles how you doing?

    At least one of us HAS to get a BFP image
  • Hi Babylove and Sparkles,

    Well I did manage to get two lines on my SD test this morning, so I think we've got our first BFP!!!

    It's really weird compared to the first time, it's definitely harder to bounce too much, but we are very happy! Had to persuade hubby that he can be excited! His reply was "I'm nervous!"

    Still think I'm going to have to test repeatedly before I relax, so may have to buy more SD tests tomorrow, so that I can compare and contrast!

    Still really hopeful for you both, that you just have shy beans - I have had different symptoms this time round, and the main ones I had last time have only turned up slightly this time. This time round CM was obvious, but last time I don't remember it particularly.

    So keep up hope until AF starts, and take the positives if she does arrive.

    Personally, I think I'll stay on knicker-watch for a long time still! Next mini-milestone is a fortnight today, so I'm keeping everything crossed till then!

    Good luck to you both!

  • Amber....congratulations!!! Woohooo image

    I still have no sign of AF arriving despite the cramps I tend to be waking up with.
    Part of me is wondering....what if I tested too early? What if I ov'd later than I'd predicted - prediction was purely based on 14 days from ERPC....but then part of me is wishing that Af would arrive so next cycle can begin

    Woohoo Amber....I'm glad at least one of us got BFP

    Sue x
  • Sparkles - still sounds hopeful!image

  • I'm ever so tempted to test again...but think i'll wait for a few more days....the cycle I found out I was pregnant last time I had Af style cramps but Af never came so the positive side of me is still hoping. I will test again in a few more days if Af does not show her face...this time not with a cheapie test.
  • Congratulations Amber. I knew one of us would get their BFP.
    I tested again this morning and BFN. Still no sign of af so its a waiting game. If my cycle is longer this month and I ov'd later im out anyway as we only bd'd up to cd13 as my 10 year old has big ears and is in the next room :lol:

    Sparkles any sign of af or a BFP???
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