2010 bfp's after MC. newbies should read. add yours on

Ok so this was shazzas' idea, that we have a list that each lucky bfp lady adds to, that we keep rolling through the whole year. the idea is after an MC when you feel like it will never happen, the poor girlies who join us here can read this and have some hope that they will get another bfp. so here's my story, and we need snooks to add hers, then I hope the rest of you will not be long behind us.

I'm 28, hubby is 30. Been together 12years, married 2.5yrs. We stopped pill 13months ago to ttc our first. got our bfp start august. started bleeding at 7 weeks. had a scan and bean was ok, we saw heartbeat, but then bleeding got worse with pain and clots. repeat scan a week later bean was gone :cry: total time bleeding about 2.5weeks.

started ttc again straight away. and bought a cbfm. first AF was 33days after MC. had 3 periods before got my BFP on 3rd Jan image I'm currently 4+6. fingers crossed that my been is a very sticky one :\)

good luck to all of you ttc. I hope this thread helps people when you're feeling like I did in september realise that we will all get pg again, and we will get our babies!! good idea shaz

love Gems


  • aww this is a great idea, hope I can add my story soon! x
  • Shall we add the link to the topic in baby with the success stories for some more PMA?
  • Great idea luvvie!!

    Jodie xx
  • Excellant idea well done Shaz & Gem.

    I hope to be adding my story soon too.

    Roll on lots more sticky BFP xxx
  • Lovely idea! xx
  • What a gorgeous idea girls!

    Here is the link to the thread in baby. It's called "Happy Stories of Becoming a Mum After a Miscarriage" (or words to that effect!).


    Can't wait to add my story!

  • Hi, Great idea - hope to be adding my story soon too. xx
  • Hi Sara,

    Thank you for finding such an inspirational and heart warming thread.

    Love MrsH xxx
  • great idea ladies!! hope i can share my story soon!!
  • Hi thought i would share my story with you
    I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is 6 now, everything was so easy no problems with my pregnancy so i thought it would be easy the next time, boy was i wrong. Last year i had 3 miscarriages all before 12 weeks the 1st and 3rd being exactly a year apart to the day. i wanted to stop trying the upset and hurt was unbearable but what was worse was seeing the pain it was causing my husband. He has no children, even though he loves my daughter like his own it was a tearing him apart. we had tests and everything was fine.....fine clearly it wasn't fine.
    I did some research online and heard about acupuncture iwe agreed to give it one more go, It was expensive, i hate needles, and the herbs tasted disgusting but i'm here writing this 21 weeks pregnant. every little twinge and symptom fills me with worry i'm convinced everything will go wrong but every day that passes is a little victory.
    The only way i can get though this is to set milestones, scan dates, appointments i make sure every month i have something to look forward to even if it is just going out to dinner. These milestones make time go quicker.
    I hope i can give you some hope. If anyone wants to talk you can email me

    Leanne xxxxx
  • Hi all,

    this is a lovely idea and i am pleased to share my story with you all.

    i have been with husband 3yrs, married 4months, got pregnant on wedding night (literally) but sadly had a miscarriage at 5weeks. had some light brown spotting and then a big bleed, it lasted for about 10 days. i was lucky in that everything came away naturally and i didn't have to go into hospital or anything,

    started ttc straight away after the bleeding stopped and i am pleased to say i am now 4+1 - so yes two weeks after my mc i managed to fall pregnant again!!

    I am on tenterhooks at the moment and constantly knicker watching but i guess we will all be like that for a while.

    huge contratulations to everyone who gets a BFP and good luck for all those ttc - sending baby dust your way.

  • Thanks for all the positive stories girls! Hopefully I'll be adding mine soon. xx
  • This is a great threat! Here's my story.

    I'm 28 and hubby is 32. We decided to start trying to conceive #1 in Aug 09. We were very fortunate to conceive on our first proper cycle in Sept 09. Unfortunately I had a natural miscarriage at the beginning of Oct 09. I had no warning signs i.e. no pains or cramping. I just got up to go to the loo and passed our bean. We were devastated.

    We decided that we wanted to jump straight back on the wagon and started trying to conceive straight away...even before I got my first AF after MC. However this wasnt to be and it took 5.5 weeks for AF to turn up. We've had three cycles since MC and we've just found out that we're expecting again!!!!

    I'm not sure how many DPO I am or when I conceived as I didnt chart of use OV sticks but we think our EDD is 20 Sept 2010. We decided to let it happen when the time was right. We're very cautious about this pregnancy and hubby and me aren't talking about it too much. Talking about it will lead to dreaming and thinking of our future together as a family and we're weary of thinking what 'could be' as it was cruelly taken away from us last time..... fingers crossed our bean will grown in to a beautiful son or daughter.

    I'm feeling different this time around. I had no symptoms last time. This time I had nausea which led me to test early, I'm tired and my boobs feel like someone has swung a few punches at them and inflated them a size bigger!!!.

    I hope everyone on here gets there longed for and deserved BFP and I hope reading these posts gives you lots of PMA.

    Snooks xxx

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  • Here is my story. I had an early mc in Sept 09. Was my first pg and had been ttc since July. Mc at 5 weeks, had one large bleed and then a few days later started bleeding again and last 7 days. Decided to ttc straight away and 6 weeks later, on my 1st cycle, I got my BFP. I was so so so shocked and could not believe how lucky I was. This prgnancy has had its ups and downs and had spotting at 6 weeks and eight 1/2 weeks, Automatically thought the worse but after 2 early scans all was well. I am now sat here 17 weeks pregnant and heard babies hb for the 1st time today which has made me feel more confident. I have to admit it has been a worrying time but I know it is all going to be worth it.

    Try and keep up the PMA ladies, I know its hard at times, but so many girls on here helped me through the tough times.

    All the best

    Glimmer xxx
  • brilliant thread!

    hope to add my story soon

  • Good thread, here's my story,

    We fell pg with our daughter Neve who is now two with no problems and when she was a year old we started ttc again. Fell pg on second cycle in Jan and all was fine until we went for the 12 week scan in April at 12+5 and we were told that that baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks. We had an ERPC and felt generally awful about the whole thing for a while but started ttc again straight away.

    After what felt like a very long time (it was only a few months!) we fell pg again in September but mc'd again at about 6 weeks. This wasn't as bad as last time and we started ttc straight away again and fell pg second cycle.

    Its been a bit of a worry and its felt like a long wait but yesterday we trooped up to the hospital for our 12 week scan, I was 12+5 again which I felt really emotional about only to be told that I was 13+1 and baby is fine! cue buckets of tears and a celebratory three cadbury's creme eggs!

    Good luck ladies, I can't wait to see your BFP announcements.
  • Thank you for sharing your story Lottie+Neve xxx
  • Thank you for sharing your story Lottie+Neve xxx
  • Heya ladies, this is a lovely thread, and I'm soooo pleased to be able to add a story now!
    Basically, after 18 months of ttc and multiple tests etc, I got my bfp in sept last year. Sadly it wasn't to be and I miscarried in Oct.
    We started trying again pretty much straight away (with the help of Metformin after being diagnosed PCOS) and hubby took me away to New York for Xmas as a lovely lovely treat, which obviously did the trick as I got my BFP on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots and lots of sticky baby dust to all of you xxxxxxxx
  • just thought I'd bump my old thread, seeing as this seems a lucky week for some. and hopefully it will help some going through the hardest times to feel hopeful again. I know this week's lucky ladies might want to leave it a little while before adding theirs, but moonandstars can get in here now!!!! image
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