what would you do??

Hi girls

I have an app with my gyne in 3 weeks time, he has done a couple of tests to see if i have sticky blood or an immune system problem. Iv had two mc at 9 weeks and he seems to think one of these is the problem.

last app 3 weeks ago i asked if i could take clomid again and he said just leave it until he sees me next and has results of tests, but i have clomid in the cupboard and wondering whether i should just take it anyway??! surely if i fall pregnant again they will moniter me more closely and do the relevant tests should the others come back negative, my fetus's develop normally till 9 weeks so i would of thought i have time for the hospital to work something out to help me?? although i havnt even come on yet! and theres no sign of it yet!!

what would you girls do??



  • Hi hun, i have no experience of clomid but i can see why the temptation is there.

    If someone else posted this what would you say to them? I suppose then you have your answer.

    Personally i think i'd be inclined to wait just in case. If you fell pg then you'd be worried to death. I know it's hard to wait, feels like thats all you do when ttc!

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