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Shorter cycle

Hi ladies i was just wondering if anybody else had a shorter cycle after having an ERPC. Brfore mine my cycles were between 28 and 30 but this time I had a 25 day cycle which was a complete blow because I was trying to work out the best time to BD based on my old cycles which of course didn't work:\?

So here we go again


  • I haven't yet figured out my cycles post ERPC and I know lots of people seem to have their cylces messed up.
    Hopefully the OPK's will help to pick up ovulation for you so if your body plays tricks on you by ovulating later or earlier than expected then you'll know about it.
    My cycle seems to have been a little shorter I think, by 4 days...however hard to tell really as haven't had natural cycles consequtively due to either just coming off the pill, getting BFP or post ERPC and 10 years of the pill prior to that so not really sure where I am with cycles either.
    Love your little penguin pic by the way!
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