How long did everyone have to wait?

Evening girls,

I hope you don't mind me being here, I'm not officially ttc as have to wait for AF (but it feels a bit more positive being here rather than in support),

I just wondered how long you girls had to wait for AF after mc. I've got to do a HPT on 2nd Feb and phone the hosp with the results to make sure I'm ok to start again. I just feel a bit frustrated as I want to move forward but feel I am stuck in limbo at the moment. I know I am being very impatient but I just feel knowing what to expect helps me to look to the future,

Thanks xxx


  • Hi Lucky Mummy,

    Of course we dont mind this one is busier than support even if your not trying just yet, sorry you have to be with us hopefully it wont be for too long though.

    It's different for everyone hun some women get there AF as normal they say about 4-8 weeks but sometimes unfortuantly it can be a bit longer just depends how long it takes for your body to get back to a pre pg state.

    I hope your not waiting to long as it can be frustrating but were all here for a chat if you need to off load.

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  • hey hun course we dont mind, its busier over here and you dont technically have to be ttc to join us! i still had a +ive test 2 weeks after my mc so they did another scan and all was well so my HCG was obv quite high as i was 12 weeks. AF arrived 7 weeks later. xxx
  • hi Lucky Mummy,

    Of course we dont mind you being here - Im not TTC yet (because of my naughty body) but I like being in this forum and like you makes me feel more positive.

    Ive asked a similar question - have a look on my other topics.

    Ive still bleeding following on from my mc in Nov (but I think it may stop today - yeaaahhhhh!!!) so i have no idea when my AF is going to be. but some ladies have their AF between 3 - 8 weeks.

    I know how frustrating it is to be stuck in limbo, but this forum is definately helping me (thanks everyone!x)

    hope it comes soon for you hun

    x x x
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