Update on my daughter

Hi ladies,

Firstly I would like to thank all of you who have helped me and my daughter over the last couple of weeks.

She's going back to work on Monday and has been a little bit happier in herself over the last couple of days having written a letter to her 'little baked bean'.

She has looked at this forum but did not feel ready to join just yet, however, she has been comforted by other posts and says she doesn't feel so alone anymore.

Once again, many thanks and good luck to all of you. Hopefully, in the future, either myself or my daughter will be able to post again with some good news.

Best wishes, Nicki


  • Hi Nicki,

    Am glad we have been some comfort to your daughter during this sad time.

    The letter sounds like a lovely idea and perhaps getting it down in words has helped in some small way.

    I know it has been said before but you are a wonderful mum and am sure your support to your daughter has meant the world and some.

    Best wishes, xxxx
  • im glad shes feeling better nicki, wish you and your family loads of hugs!
  • I am pleased she is feeling brighter! I love the idea of writing a letter! I have poem I found in my purse which I carry round me as a memory - which I find very helpful. Hope she takes it easy when she goes back to work!
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