i am finally here and i have a plan hehehehe

Hey ladies, finally after MMC, retained tissue, and severe case of depression, i am ready to try.
It took us 9 months to get pregnant, hopefully, it will take less this time. A friend of mine told me that the body once got pregnanct, then it is easier to happen again.

So here is my plan, i suffer from low progesterone, so i am taking agnus castus in the first 2 weeks of my cycle, and progesterone in the second 2 weeks. I will try to relax (words are soooooo easy), i got KY gel lubricant to use it only in emergencies as i couldnt get preseed. Grapefruit juice every day, and vitamins.

Any other advices ladies???
Lets all hope for our sticky BFP.
Renee xx


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  • Good luck hunni.

    Why couldn't you get pre-seed? I wouldn't advise using the KY hun.

    Sounds like you have a top plan, so fingers and everything else crossed! xx
  • Yes Mithical a super duper plan image

    Well, my husband doesnt like to buy stuff over the internet because it is not safe, our friends credit card information were stolen and they found out that they were robbed of quite a lot.

    I live in Germany and i tried looking for preseed in a pharmacy but they looked at me like a green alien from outer space.
    I usually have enough EWCM, but ater rhe miscarriage i have some dryness, hope it will go away.

    I tried egg whites, but OH was offended, image, it was actually really funny hehehehe.



  • Oh I see. I would be happy to buy some pre-seed and send it to you if you wanted? Or have you used Paypal, as far as I'm aware that's safer than normal transactions as kind of an escrow. image xx
  • what is grapefruit juice for?!
  • Grapefruit juice is supposed to increase fertile cm. xx
  • I am a bit of a hippy so I am actually looking up stones that help increase fertility and help with a safe pregnancy. three I thought would be helpful to me are Lapis Lazuli, Unakite and Moonstone. I suppose I will let ya know how that goes but if you want to try it with me please do.
  • Oh libranaster, that sounds interesting, please do tell us how it goes

    Thanks ladies
    Renee xx

  • Try Fertilitea. Its about $15 on Drugstore.com everyone that has used it gets PG within first 6 months. I bought some but we're not going to actively TTC until end of December. I'll let ya know how it goes! Good luck and baby dust!
  • or Zestica! its supposed to help the lil buggers swim better! lol, if you use paypal to pay with you are totally protected, though not every store allows you to use paypal as a payment option, ebay however does and if you make sure you buy something that is NEW and SEALED and who has good feedback you can't go wrong. KY is supposed to be avoided when ttc... its too thick for em to swim through, a bit of felatio is always good and should helpimage xxx
  • If you're in the UK and struggling for something pre-seedesque then try 'Conceive Plus' made by Sasmar. http://www.conceiveplus.co.uk/

    It's quite pricey at ??15 a bottle (from boots, though my local store is a big one) but the good thing about it is that it's a 75ml bottle. I just use 1or2ml at a time that I get out with an exacta med syringe thing (not a needle, just a syringe) so it should last forever. The good thing about using it that way is that you don't need to interrupt the BDing.

    Once it's at body temp it feels exactly like EWCM and they makers reckon it's better for spermies than actual semen.

    I think KY jelly would produce a barrier to sperm. Some people even recommend avoiding saliva as this can damage them, too.

    Good luck with getting your next bfp. Hope there's better days ahead for all of us image
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