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Spotting between periods after MC

Hi All

Why are things always so complicated?!! I had my first period, after my MC in October, which started on Mon 16/11. Based on a 28 day cycle (which is what I had before the MC) AF isn't due until Mon 14/12. However, I've been spotting on and off all day today, which I have never had before.

Is this common after a MC? I was hoping it could be implantation bleeding, but that means I would have had to have ovulated straight after my period ended, which can't be right.... We have been actively TTC since my MC, but on the basis I've had a period then I could not have been pregnant before 16/11.

I'm confused!! Can anyone help?

Many thanks......


  • hi lisa
    as you know i'm still waiting for my first af from the d&c but i have had spotting twice now. it only lasts 2 days max and then nothing. i have read that some women have cycles all over the place for a while afterwards. i know this doesnt help when you are trying to chart cycles. it could be implantation blood but it does seam a bit quick. that can happpen as soon as six days after ov. if it gets heavy then it might be just a very short cycle. also some people don't ovulate every month so it may be short if you have not ov this time. sorry i don't know more. hang in there
  • I had spotting for 2-3days before my 2nd AF after MC, and the cycle was much shorter than usual. fingers crossed it's implantation, not AF on her way early
  • bear with your body for a cycle or 3 after mc! it's been through a lot!some peoples settle down right away, others take a bit longer! my mc was 4 months ago and mines still all over the place!!!! xx
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