OMG.... nothing :cry:

Hi girls,

Today is CD24 and am 8 dpo... I think I've had implantation bleeding today:\?.

I had it with my last pregnancy at 9/10 dpo and the next day got my BFP so this weekend I had thought to keep an eye out for anything as had it last time. Just went to the loo and had brown discharge (yuk tmi!!) and slight red/brown when wiped.

I've never had a cycle this short before so don't think it can be AF but gonna just keep an eye on it and see how things go over the next few days as you're only supposed to have it as spotting for up to 3 days.

I feel sooooooo nervous that it could actually have happened this month, it's our first month of trying after MMC and ERPC. It is soooo what I want to the point of its all I can think about but I'm also very scared of what could be if it's true, if my body is ready, if it will be sticky etc etc I'm sure its only natural to any of us.

Af should be due about Thursday and not sure when to test, how long can I hold out??? Don't really want to do it before work in the week as DH won't be there, but can I wait til next sat?? At least then if AF isn't here i will know i am late. OMG, I want to know now!!

Thanks for reading, hope you're enjoying the sunshine!! Have a great wkend xxx

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  • Hi Amber, we're almost exactly the same!! I'm on cd25 and 10dpo and af due on weds/thurs. I've had no implantation bleeding but have had twinges, heartburn and constipation, and tested last night (I couldn't resist but hubby doesn't know yet). I got the faintest faint line and am waiting a few more days to test again. I'm trying not to get excited as it's also our 1st month of trying since my erpc in april and we only bd'd once over my ovulation.

    Hopefully your bleeding is implantation, it sounds promising! When do you think you'll test? I couldn't wait, I work away from my hubby so when i'm at work it's aaaaaaaalll I think about. I feel bad about not telling him yet but I can cope with my hopes being dashed but not his, so i'm going to wait and tell him if I get a stronger line.

    Good luck with waiting to test, it would be amazing if we both got bfps! xx
  • Argh!! how exciting!!

    Yours sounds so positive, a line is a line however faint!! Am sure you'll get a better line next time you test!! Good luck!!

    I'm half thinking about hiding a cup of FMU tmrw then going to buy a FR while DH is at footy but then the other part of me thinks just go straight in for a CBD next sat! not sure - DH is telling me not to get too ahead of myself, we've even said try not to get too exciting next time we're pg due to the MMC, but I'm sure that won't be possible!! You're amazing not telling him, but it's nice to know for certain!

    Loadsa good luck for testing, make sure you tell us how it goes!! xx
  • Hi Amber, sooo excited for you. Good luck for when you decide to test. Its sooo hard holding out isn't it!! Zxx
  • If you can wait go for the CBD next week! I found out early last time so we knew for ages I was pregnant, so when I lost it it was so so hard. Thats one of the reasons i'm holding off telling him, plus I'm working away at the moment so it's easy to keep it to myself (and I don't practice what I preach!! I kept saying theres no way i'd test early!). I'm home on weds though so we'll see! I think we'll be too scared to get excited until 12 weeks, if we are pregnant. It's horrible how having a mc ruins the ttc and 1st trimester process xx
  • Didn't want to read and run!!

    Good luck to you both - Fingers crossed xxx
  • I just got my BFP yesterday after MC in april so was only TTC for one month. I was 10 days late before i tested...i wanted to be extra surei was deff late as my cycle lengths varied from month to month when i came off the pill. I know it's hard to wait but i think it's worth it as your symtoms get stronger eg tiredness, sore boobs and when i tested i had a very strong line come up straight away!!!! image Totally agree about MC ruining the excitement this time....we've decided not to tell anyone until 12 week scan this time round also. x x x
  • Yes, I'm defo gonna wait til next sat to test - or maybe even just Thurs!!

    It's too early to test now and I am just so sure I am that to get a negative would be awful so will wait.

    We waited for our 12 week scan last time to tell everyone, the scan was fine so we had lots of parties and celebrations telling our friends and family and then 3 weeks later it was all over, I still had bouquets in my living room the day we came back from hosp after finding out it had gone. I think we're going to wait for 16 weeks or even after 20wk scan the next time. But I'm not saying don't tell, just do what is right for you!

    Thanks for your replies, god this is gonna be the slowest week ever!!

    Have a great day xxx
  • I don't know what is going on now??

    This is the 3rd day of this bleed but is seems more than spotting today, feel a bit crampy but also a bit nauseous.

    Fear this might be AF. Guess I've just gotta wait and see what happens.

    image not happy xx
  • Just read this hun. Sounds so confusing for you.

    I HATE the 2WW as no matter how hard you try you can't stop thinking about every little symptom.

    I have my fingers well and truly croosed for you xxx
  • CD f**king 1

    What I thought was implantation has gradually developed into AF... feel so so stupid for thinking it could possibly be.

    It's not fair, life is so unfair, I should be 23 weeks!

    I'm really not good and today has just spiralled into the depths of sadness and despair - everything 8 weeks ago has come back and is hurting all the more.

    I just can't deal with it anymore, why does this happen to us?? I see kids and the most unsuitable parents everywhere with babies and children... why not us?

    I've just sat and cried with my own mother about it all, and even she can't understand as she fell with me and my bro without even trying, same with sil, my own family can't even empathise with how much I want this and how sad and awful I feel.

    I know this is only my first month trying after MMC and people have had to wait a lot lot longer for BFP, but I just thought I had it y'know?

    My cycle was only 25 days which really troubles me, I had lots of spotting, had what i thought was an ov bleed which can't have been unless I have a really messed up LP. Have no confidence in going to the docs at this stage so will just have to wait and see... am just waiting my life away!

    My last AF was really light and mostly brown which also worried me, but this one is very red and more normal flow so is good that that is getting back on track as I didn't want BFP if everything wasn't right so it went away again.

    And I've just ordered a CBFM!! Hurrah!! Should arrive this week in time for CD6 so will look forward to playing with that.

    Well, another month, another chance to try again.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far, bit depressing isn't it?!

    A very disapointed Amber x
  • Oh huni, so sorry she got you............ it really does hurt dosen't it. Try not to get too down about it though. I know exactly how you feel. I had my MMC on the 2nd of Feb and I started TTC again at the end of May, I had so many problems after my MMC and every month I wasn't PG just brought everything back to me.

    I can honestly say that with time it really does get easier..... my first AF (which was 12 weeks after MC) was really light and hardly anything at all, I got really worried that something was wrong with me..... my next AF which was last month was totally normal, back to a full flow and five days, it was such a weight off my shoulders to know I was back to normal.....

    So try to take the positive out of this, that you body is back to normal and ready to make a healthy little bean, all be it a bit later than expected...... but all the same it is ready to do it. That is were I am at now and I know that as I am back to how I was before my MC that I am ready to have my little bean when ever I get it.......

    It really is hard, but you must try and stay positive, it really will happen, but probably when you least expect it.

    Big hugs x
  • ooh Amber, im really sorry image this is rubbish news.
    I hope your okay.. sooner the witch is gone the sooner you can try again.. i know its hard and it wont feel like that right now.. Im dreading if my first AF arrives image in fact its really frightening me as i dont know how I will cope.

    good luck for trying next month image

  • So sorry to read this Amber, life is crap at times isn't it....! Good luck for next month. Zxx
  • Thank you so much girls, you are so kind and such lovely lovely people!

    It's cheered me up that you've replied - you know what I'm going through!

  • amber...i am sorry to hear your bad new...i know how you feel has my mc in oct have ben trying ever since...

    I live in this neighbourhood and there are kids neglected flithy dirty no shoes..running around the green area and social services taking them away...and i think to myself why on earth would the big guy let people like that have kids...and leave us's just not possible...

    keep trying and i will too we will get there and be the best loving moms in the world! xx
  • I'm so sorry Amber, life is a complete bi**h sometimes. The only good thing is that you seem to have a proper flow this time so there's all the more chance that your body is completely back to normal and ready to conceive a completely healthy little one. Try not to get upset (I know, easier said than done), I was gutted when I had my first AF, even though we hadn't been trying again properly it was still a kick in the teeth. It will happen for you again soon, lots of love K xx
  • Sorry Amber, hope you're feeling positive and ready to go again soon! Lots of love x
  • Hey Amber, sorry to be reading this. I had been keeping up with your posts and was excited for you. I've been laying low on here since AF turned up for me. Like you I was disappointed but thankfully I hadn't really had any pregnancy symptoms to get my hopes up.

    I'm using cbfm, and I think I was so sure it would result in a pregnancy first time after all the positive stories I'd read. But I'm on cycle 2 with it now, really glad I'm using it though as I had a longer cycle last month so may have missed OV and thought my af being later than expected could be it so it helped being well informed!

    Good luck babes

  • Thank you so much for your messages, you are all so kind and thoughtful!

    I'm feeling a bit better today, have planned some fun things to look forward to and of course the CBFM is in the post which is v exciting so plenty to get me through the next month!!

    Kat, so sorry to hear she got you too, best of luck for this month!

    Thanks again ladies - you're the best! Buckets of babydust!! xx
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