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Hi all just thougt i'd start a bit of a light hearted thread!! I had m/c at the start of the month I was 6+3!
I was really upset and couldn't believe that I'd had a mc - I know it effect ppl in all different ways but I found focusing my mind on my cycle and ttc has helped me enormously!!

So I think I'm ov'ing this week as I can feel it and also on a bit of the old knicker watch and CM looking good (for ov'ing that is!!) so poor hubby has been harrassed every night for the last week!

I used to be a 2-3 times a week person but now loving the daily event - anyone else having fun??xxx


  • haha good thread. I only had D&C last week and only just stopped bleeding. I do plan on jumping back on the "shaggin-waggon" as my OH called it. I think at the earliest I will be ov'in next week so will try and get back on track this weekend but its hard for us as we have a 10year old boy in the next room. He is usually in bed after me as my 1year old is not sleeping so im exhasted in the evening.

    Im quite looking forward to bd'ing again as we only did it the once after our BFP so that was about 8 weeks ago image

    Happy bd'ing
  • I can sort of relate as we have my FIL living with us at the moment, so I wait to hear him snoring before I pounce!! I love the "shaggin wagon" might use that later!!image
  • As soon as AF is totally finished we BD alternate days until we get our peak on CBFM then we BD every day during our OV peak, followed by alternate days for a further week.

    After that it's lost its sexiness and we're not usually in the mood :lol: We maybe BD once in the week leading up to AF.

    Iincluding AF week, it's about two weeks on the waggon, two weeks off :lol:

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  • Haha Fairythalia!!

    I'm impressed by the amount of bd'ing in this thread - I think our hubbies must feel really lucky!!

    I'm always dubious in the run up to AF just in case it comes early - even tho I've been with hubby for 6 years I dont think he's appreciate a hug from AF!! - lol!!xxx
  • lmao @ hug from af :lol:

    I felt sorry for OH as we fell pregnant in our first month so the bd'ing madness didnt last very long. Im sure he felt very used image
  • :lol: poor fellas are reduced to feeling like sperm donnors.

    I have even found myself saying to DH when he's tired, 'Don't worry, you don't have to do anyhting fancy' :lol: x
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