Implantation pains???

Hey there ladies,

Just wanted to know if anyone has had or heard of implantation pains.
On Sunday i had a sharp stabbing pain on my right side down below. It was so bad i had to take minute and sit down!

Please let me know if anyone has had it or heard of it....or i may just be suffering from wishful thinking!!?!?



  • I did i think.

    I definitely had sharpish pains on my left hand side low down before i found out i was pg but as i also had low grumbling period type pain which is also common in early pg that i thought that it was just to do with that and af was on her way

    Is that helpful for you? xx
  • Thanks Lampiekat,

    I've done some searching on Google and it appears that medics don't 'believe' in implantation pain but there have been several cases where it has happened. That's given me abit of hope though i don't want to get excited as yet coz last cycle i really thought we'd done it, only to have af arrive early!
    Thanks babe

    Shyro xx
  • I think I had too, mine was really sore and felt like a pulled muscle sensation on the right side of my tummy low down, like I'd stretched to much. It had me doubled up for a few minutes before it faded.

    Fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Thanks Huni.... hmmmm food for thought then!!!
  • I also think I did, i had period type cramping around that time. I think if you are very tuned in to your body and have been listening to it you may pick up on things that other ladies may not if they are not expecting it. If that makes sense!!!

    Good luck!!!!

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