The dreaded 2ww

Hello Ladies,

How are you all? I now think I am on the dreaded two week wait,,,,anyone with me??

I'm on CD 15 and 2DPO (I think) I'm not POAS coz I will become addicted and want to stay as relaxed as possible about the whole thing but my FF showed a temp drop on CD9 (2 days after AF but CM wasnt right) and then showed another shift of CD13 and I had EWCM (Sorry tmi) so I'm hoping this is the month for us....even though it's are first offical month trying since mmc! I would love one of them 11,000 world cup babies!

Living in my own little world at the moment, everywhere I seem to look there is pregnant women and I know a few girls who are around what I would of been if I hadnt of misscarried so am really struggling at the moment...I should of been 19 weeks yesterday image so feeling well and truely sorry for myself! Pressure is also on as we get married in 12 months and I dont want to be a ready to drop (if I would be that lucky) in my beautiful wedding dress, so if it doesnt happen by July then I'm going to have to wait till after christmas to try again!

Moan over!

Sticky baby dust and lots of luck to you all

Em image


  • Hey,

    I'm with you! I'm now 3DPO, and trying not to get my hopes up too much. It's hard though!

    I have been using the cbfm and ovulated later than I would have expected which will prob mean my cycle will be longer this month. I was expecting my normal 28 day cycle.

    I would be coming up for 18 weeks and it was 7 wks ago we mc. It seems like a lifetime ago.

    Good luck!!

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