OV Testing

Hey all,
Does anyone know if hcg affects ov tests? I had a MMC and ERPC last Tuesday and had pretty much stopped bleeding by Friday. I have just POAS and have a very slight +ve for pregnancy, and after a bit if googling it seems that presence of hcg does not necessarily stop ov. So did an ovulation test which also came up +ve? Now very confused and wondering whether I need to warn DH of an early night!

Thanks, ELF


  • hey, yes hcg can affect ov strips and make them come up +ive. you can ov with hcg in your system but only a v small amount. xx
  • wondereing exactly the same hunni ....havent started testing yet though as still bleeding a little so was unsure when to start them? so waiting till i do pg test and pg test is negative

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