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I know I'm farely new here, although have been lurking for a few months, and some of you may already have heard this before but I thought I'd share just in case.

After my MMC in Sept, I was told to make a memory box so that in 20 or so years time, when someone asked you about that time in your life, you would have a box of things to show them.

When we felt up to it, DH and I went shopping and got a lovely yellow box with teddies on, inside I put one of my positive pregnancy tests, a scan photo, a water bottle (as I could only drink water due to morning sickness), a lovely poem, a teddy bear I had got for bean and a small silver cross necklace I took to the chapel with me. At Christmas I made a bauble with the necklace inside and put it on the tree to remember our bean, I've now put the bauble in my memory box too.

It's nice to have something to look at when I feel sad and thought some of you might find some comfort doing this too when you felt ready.



  • aw that all sounds so lovely, i too have kept things such as scan pics and info but thats all we had, and i will keep it and maybe put it in a box too but would like to get a sticky bfp first so that i feel i can close that chapter if that makes sense...
  • That's such a lovely idea. I got my BFP on boxing day and hubby and I went for a walk in the snow. We took loads of photos, firstly because it was so snowy but also because it was the day we found out we were going to have a baby. One of the photos is gorgeous and before the m/c I decided to get it framed for our bedroom. Since then I've thought about whether it would be too upsetting but I'm thinking that when I'm ready it might be a beautiful reminder
  • I have a box with my positive test results in and my wrist bands from when I was in hospital. I also was keeping a ttc diary that I wrote in but can't bare to re-start so that has gone in too. I find it a comfort to look at them x x x
  • hello PrincessHoney,

    we have also done a memory box - its brought me great comfort, I hope yours has helped you too

    x x
  • The hospital gave me a memory box, containing hand & foot prints and a certificate registering my son's birth, blessing and his measurements etc, they also wrote out a little wrist band for him, although he never wore one. I've added things like sympathy cards and cards from flowers as well as some flowers i dried out from his funeral. I keep the box in what would have been his bedroom and I go in every now and then to have a look through. It's a lovely reminder, but sad at the same time :cry: . xx

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