helloooo :)

Hi Guys,
I still havnt got the internet sorted in my new house so havnt been on here in ages!
hopefully will have it my the end of the month!
just wanted to see how u all are?
ive prob missed out on loads of stuff happening, hopefully good and maybe bad...(hope nothing bad has happened) but just wanted to ask how everyone is!?
AF is due today for me, not here yet but i dont think im preg this month....i'll try and let u know if i can manage to get on the net at work or sumthing in afew days!
Love Si????n xx


  • Hey, finger's crossed for you. Lots of baby dust your way.
  • hey sian!!! im good thanks! image hopefuly AF wll stay away for you you never no!!! fngers crossed! image mines due 29th april so im hoping it dusnt show iswel!! theres been alot of BFPS last month and this month so this sites been quite lucky!! lol take care hun xx
  • hey yummymummy!!
    got a phone line today finally so hopefully will get the net soon! (im at work at the mo!)i miss keeping up with everything!
    AF showed up on sunday!! cycle was 39 days!!
    hopefull next month will be my lucky month eh !
    hopefully your AF wont turn up tomorrow!!
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