CD1 - but quite happy!!!!!!!

Well I started bleeding on the 19th of April after finishing my tablets to regulate my bleeding after the MMC, got smiley faces on CBD CD11/12 and today AF has finally come in full flow CD29........

We were BD'ing around OV and I know this means I am not pregnant but I am quite excited as this means that my body is back to a normal cycle, I think I must had ovulated due to the smiley faces and now AF is here, this must be a good sign that things are back to normal.........

So here is moving onto month 1 TTC again.......... I am not doing any OV tests and not keeping track of cycle days as I want to be more relaxed about all this, have been getting quite stressed out latley.

So here is to relaxed baby making!!!!!!!

Do you think this must be a good sign?


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