A lil nervous....

Hey ladies
Im going to the docs tomorrow....just to confirm the pregnancy and what not but im not worry i feel like im pregnant again and its great!
Not that ive been sick or anything yet just tender boobs and weeing extra haha im being really cautious though...ill have to be careful as i dont want anyone to guess me and Sam are keeping it to ourselves (apart from you guys obv lol) until we are over 12 weeks hopefully!
It's strange because the last twice ive been pregnant ive never even thought about m/c i mean like i knew it was possible and things but i never thought it would happen to me i just went along enjoying pregnancy but not being overly cautious...
Now though its all im thinking about worrying about it all the time because i dont think i could cope with it again but then i wanna enjoy my pregnancy but its definately tainted now because of losing the twins!! Im assuming this is normal....will i stop feeling like this or will i be worried the whole pregnancy now?


  • You are bound to feel like this sweetie. Thinking of you and let us know how you get on. Take care. Zxx
  • Hope everything goes well at docs.

    I know i'll feel exactly the same when i get my bfp again.

    Once you're passed the 12 weeks and had the first scan then i'm sure you'll enjoy your pregnancy xx
  • Hey yeah i went today and done a sample (The usual joys lol) and he tested it and confirmed i was indeed pregnant image He took some bloods to check and told me i would be high risk because of losing the twins and also because im at moderate chance of having multiples lol! He also said that i am a week further than i thought going on HCG levels but then he also said or it could be twins i was like for the love of god lol im going with being a week on and so did he until a scan then we could be proven wrong lol so my due date is now Jan 14th image 3 weeks and 6 days gone i have NEVER known so early ever think its going to be a long and worrying 9 weeks till i get to 12 weeks lol! Part of me wnats to stay off the DIJ board until im 12 weeks but then i want to get to know the other mummy's to be and dont want to join late type thing what do u ladies think? After all i wanna know these ppl to share my pregnancy with them? And my BIDIES in 08 are marvelous even tho i joined them just b4 the girls 1st bday (was somewhat chaotic before then lol) Im happy though as the doc says he sees no reason why i shudnt have a happy and healthy pregnancy this time round the twins were unexplained maybe because of the stress with Ella and things not that i blame my lik girl he says though that recurrent mc is possible but unlikely since i carried twins for 35 weeks with harldy any probs image Im wanting to beleve him so badly......xxxx
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