One time really is all thats needed...

Well it's true, I'm pregnant!!! I can't believe it. I did another test when my hubby got home and a great line came up! We're both in shock as we only bd'd once when I ovulated, but obviously that was enough for us. I so didn't think it would happen. It's just over 2 months since my erpc so i'm pretty nervous and scared now, but so excited!!!! I can't believe it's happened so quickly. My husband thought I was just thinking I had symptoms so he's amazed now.

So for anyone who's panicking they didn't do it enough times, once is all that matters!! God i'm shaking xxx


  • Massive congratulations to you, amazing, hope you have the best 9 months. Lots of super sticky baby dust.

    Can I be nosey, when did you BD, I know you use CBD OV tests?
    Also what symptoms did you have?

    Great news. Good luck with everything x
  • hi KWN image congrats hunny. me too.. I hope this is our sticky beans and now we going to have march babies..
    im not going to get too excited yet as im so scared. going to treat my body like a precious vessel until I hear that heartbeat and I know everything is okay, obviously I will still take care of myself LOL but well you know what I mean..

  • Woohoo! Well Done and Congratulations to you both.

    Lots of sticky baby dust and hope I'm joining you in DIM!
  • Thank you! I used CBD ov tests and we've also been taking sanatogen mother/father to be vitamins (don't know if that helps). I started getting pulling pains really low down about 5dpo and then I started with heartburn, I was getting heartburn just by drinking water! Friday last week which was 9dpo I was so so tired it was unreal, I fell asleep at work, i've had constipation and headaches and the last couple of days when i've woke i've had really sore boobs and metal taste in my mouth.

    At the moment it's a bit unreal because of my mmc in apr so I really hope it doesn't make me panic too much. We're so ready for a child and I couldn't cope if it happened again. But, I'm not going to think about that. For now we're just so so happy xx
  • hey KWN.. i have been taking sanatogen mum to be tablets every morning too for the last 30 days since MMC.. I just cant beleive it yet.
    how many days DPO are you now? im only 10dpo and not had a AF yet since MMC. does this put me in danger?

    praying for us.

  • So happy for you, lots of BFP announcements today, it is so great.

    I am 7DPO, I have had some heart burn, just little bits each day, but never get any, only after a heavy drinking session, and haven't had one of those. Had bad lower back pain today to, not getting to excited, we BD two nights before smiley face, the night of smiley face and the night after, missed one night and then did the next. Really hoping for my own BFP soon.

    Not testing until the 8th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi H2TA, those vitamins must be good! I'm 14dpo today. I wouldn't say not having an af since your mmc puts you in danger, I think they only say to wait so they can date your pregnancy properly. Try not to worry xx
  • Good luck 3054, you have good willpower! But it will be so better to wait and then you'll get such a good line. We only bd'd on the day I got my smiley face so you've definately got all bases covered! Good luck on the wait, I feel this is a good month for so many of us xx
  • Wow...another BFP on this board..congratualtions xx
  • congratulations hun thats fantastic news!! Hopefully it will be soon!xx
  • BIG congratulations. I'm so chuffed for you! Zxx
  • YAYYYY!! Congratulations hun!!
  • Congratulations!! You just knew all along didn't you!!

    Have a fabulous H&H 8 months!! xxx
  • Thanks everyone, it's still sinking in! And tomorrow it's my brothers wedding, absolutely no idea how we're going to hide it as my family know I love a good drink! We don't want anybody to know until at least 12 weeks, so lots of fibbing tomorrow I think!!xx
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