Anyone else TTC after ectopic?


I had my ectopic pg in June 08 and we are now officially ttc. Just wondered if anyone else out there is ttc after an ectopic pg also?



  • Hi Angie I had an Mmc but just wanted to wish you all the best for TTC Luc xxx
  • I will be ttc again in a couple of weeks after my ectopic in july. Im nervous about things going wrong again but I cant wait to try again, the last 3 months have been the longest and hardest of my life!
  • Hi ladies, do you mind me asking you a few questions as I think I may be haveing an ectopic.

    I started very light bleeding 2 weeks ago, was told i'd mc. I only had v light bleeding with no pain for 4 days then nothing since. I've have 4 bloods in 6 days.

    1st = 275
    4th= 709

    so last one not doubled but not stayed the same. i am seeing the consultant tomorrow for a scan. Was this similar to your experiences? I have no pain at all but have pregnancy symptoms such as achey boobs and feel v tired.

    I'm sorry if this is dragging up bad memories for you it's just that I have no clue what is going on x x
  • Hey!! I had an ectopic last Sept and am now TTC again, this will be the 1st month. Im so nervous!! Good luck hun!! xx
  • Hi MP

    When I had my ectopic I was on the mini pill so didn't realise I was pregnant until 6wks. I kept getting light bleeding which I hadn't had with my other two pregnancies, I didn't feel pg which I did feel off colour almost straight away before and I had dizzy spells. I had 4 visits to the dr and they kept telling me everything would be fine until the pg ruptured my left tube on my elldest daughter's fourth birthday!!! If you suspect something is not quite right phone your EPU and ask to see them. Hopefully when I fall pg again I have to go straight to EPU as apparently I am now classed as high risk but convinced it was all down to being on pill. Am sure everything will be fine with your pg but if your not sure definitely keep persisting. My daughters could be without a mum and I know that sounds dramatic but my GP told me I was just m/c even though I'd collapsed and it was only my dh persistence which eventually got me to hospital.

    Good luck am sure all will be ok.

    Sorry for rambling!!!!
  • Forgot to add I was 8wks when the pg ended.

  • Thank you angie, I have now had an ectopic confirmed but thank god I didn't have to go through what you did.

    Did you have to have surgery? I'm having medical intervention as hcg still low. I hope you get your bfp very soon. We wil staart ttc in 3 months when dr say we can. Are you nervous because of your experience? I feel like any joy of getting a bfp has been taken because of this, but it is still v raw. x x x
  • Hi Angie

    I had my first ectopic 3 years ago in Nov 2006 and they had to remove my right tube, I was 8 weeks pregnant. in May this year after being on clomid for 3 months, I had an unexplained pregnancy, as they were unsure where the pregnancy was as it was not in left tube, but it wasn't in the uterus either, they had to give me methotrexate to get rid of this pregnancy.

    They ran some blood tests, as I have a very good consultant and it transpires that my NK (Natural Killer) cells are too high and I have just started treatment to reduce them as they kill anything foreign which enters the body (usually attacks cancers etc).

    Sorry to hear what you have been through, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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