A shy hello......

Hi, I'm w4b and although a* be addict *I've yet to come in on here as I hadn't felt ready. I have a little boy zachariah (23mths) and 8 weeks ago I had Medically termed a late mmc but had to deliver my baby girl 'Angel'so also a still birth at 20weeks, it was hell and I don't think I'm over it but accept as best I can that that's the card I've been dealt. Anyway I am obsessed with getting pregnant again, I was ready for another baby and still am. I was hoping I could pop in here as ttc is way too 'upbeat and innocent' for me ATM and ttc after bereavement is v quiet, you all seem so lovely and chatty I just wanted to come in image 'upbeat' is good and 'innocent' a blessing, just I'm still in selfish mode lol!

I think I've already ov'd this month, (not using opk etc just yet as thought it might feel like more pressure) but now stressing about when I'd be due and if I guessed right as only 1af since birth. It took 3yrs for ds1 and 18mths for dd so I'm not expecting a quick bfp but hoping I'll strike lucky as I've heard your meant to be super fertile after having a baby (no idea about the truth in that though)

I'm so sorry there are so many mums on here and hope you are all doing well in your own grief and ttc plans x


  • Welcome w4b, firstly i'd just like to say im so sorry for your loss i cant imagine what you've been through. Hope u go on to have a healthy pregnancy\baby and i really look forward to getting to know u xx
  • hello w4b! nice to meet you. this is a wonderful group of ladies as far as i can tell image (only been around in here for about 3 wks) but so far they are all lovley. sorry about your loss, was only 8+4 when we lost our bean on oct.22 and that was hard enuf cant imagine what you have been through! again so sorry. sending hugs your way! *hugs*
  • hello! am so sorry to hear of your loss hun and of course you can hang around in here! - notice you've already replied to my thread about the ttc forum! lol, we're all nuts in here and working towards the same outcome so i hope you're prepared for us! lol, i know what you mean about the desire to get pg again as do us all! Do you mind me asking when your due date was? Tell me to butt out if thats really insensitive!!! don't want to upset anybody! xx
  • Hi huni,

    I recognise your name from Jan or feb I think (sorry hun), I am terribly sorry for you loss sweetheart. I wish I could just reach through & give you a massive hug.

    The girls here are all lovely, very supportive & slightly nuts at times but the little banter keeps up the high spirits for when any of us are having down days.

    I hope in the nicest way that your stop here is short & that you'll be migrating back over to pg as soon as you feel ready.

    In the meantime welcome & look forward to chatting with you more huni xxxx

  • Thank you all and again I'm sorry for all your losses too.
    I was due the end of January but strangely enough I never joined the 'due in' gang just 'pregnancy'..... I first hadn't wanted to go in because it was too early and then I still didn't feel safe! How strange, it's like I subconciously felt it was wrong or something!
    It's probably silly but I was due around the time of my 92yr old granny s bday and was so pleased to be having my own little girl then as well!

    I also hope I have a speedy stay here but I'm sure we all feel like that image anyway looking fwd to lots of indepth discussions about bding and cm lol
  • i was due beg of feb, so not far behind you, yes we do have lots of in depth and tmi convo's!! i didn't find BE until after my mmc, glad i did though!!! x
  • I'm so sorry for what you have been through. I can't begin to imagine the trauma of delivering your baby girl. My heart goes out to you.

    This is a fantastic forum, so supportive and kind. I'm with you on ttc, I can't deal with the excitement and innocence. I don't seem (touch wood) to have a problem getting pregnant but it's what comes after that is a problem. So when I see a BFP I don't think I'll have the same reaction as I'll be terrified it's another ectopic.

    You're in good company here x x x
  • Thanks. I was lucky to already know of this site as my son was born visually impaired and found it amazing to get help/support here so didn't think twice to look up if there was a forum for this to help!
    Don't know how people coped before places like this really!

    Mafia I am so sorry an ectopic mustve been very scarey- forgive my ignorance but is that usually a 1 off thing or do the risks of it happening again go up once you've had one? Wishing you (and everyone else) all the luck in the world x
  • welcome w4b! so sorry for your loss. always lovely to meet a newbie, just rather we all met in pg not in here. I've only been in the forum a few months but feel really at home here, it's lovely. First thing I do when I get home from work is check how all the girlies are! Hope you get your bfp soon. i think right now everyone is hoping to get one before xmas to make that time easier. Hope we all get our wishes.
  • Thank you. And oh god I hope so.... my heart is aching for another baby and everyday that passes feels like another day lost ATM! Maybe we didn't all meet in pregnancy but I am sure we will all get there one day and we'll be closer for starting here first x
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