Worried about no ovulation?????????????????????

Since my MMC in Feb my cycle has been all over the place, but I have had a smiley face on CB OV tests every month. Some where on CD10 and 11 and last month I had 6 smiley faces from CD8 through to CD13. This month I finally am having a normal cycle, typical 5 day AF but I have had no smiley face, I am CD19 today and still no smiley face, I have been testing since CD7, I had lots of white CM between CD13 and CD16 but since then I have gone back to hardly anything at all.

Why on this month when everything appears back to normal would this happen, do you thinkI am not OV???????????? Any ideas girls????????:\?


  • could u have missed it and ov'ed early?

  • Dont think so I was testing from CD7 so it would have had to have been mega early to have missed it!!!!! I read one update the other day with a girl who got her BFP and had no smiley face through that month, so I know they cannot be relied on 100%, but I would be much more relaxed if I had seen a smiley face?????????????
  • Hope its ur BFP u deserve it. when are u going to test?

  • Could you have ov'd and the test not picked it up? It sometimes does happen. And in ttc I was reading that it is quite normal to have a 2 cycles in a year that you aren't ovulating. I never heard that before, but it could be true.
  • Just been reading on google and there seem to be quite alot of people who dont get a smiley face until about day 22-26, they have long cycles, about 35 day cycle...... so not giving up hope yet, just done a test today and the line does appear darker than any or my others so maybe I will see the smiley face soon x. Will but one more pack which will take me upto CD27, if nothing my then I will defo give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hey hunni, i don't normally ov til late in my cycle as i'm about 35 days, it's only this month where it's been early for me! however it's the first time simce feb for me... got my fingers crossed for you hun! xx
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