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Hi Ladies, well had my op yesterday, there was a lot of waiting around, we had to be there at 7.30am, but think I actually had it done just before 11am, home a couple of hours later.

It was ok, I was upset before and after, and had some bad crampting, which they gave me a little morphine for, then I was allowed home and just went to bed, couldn't sleep all that well, coz cramping and backache pretty bad, so just carried on with the painkillers.

Am bleeding (obviously), but not a huge amount, can't wait for it to ease off though. Slept ok, but still feeling a little groggy this morning and more cramping/backache, so am just taking it easy, and I am hoping to go back to work Monday, will only have to do a week, as then we're off for a mini break, which I think will do us the world of good.

Not sure how I'm feeling this morning, was very emotional when we got home, but this morning, am feeling just numb really, I feel we have closure, but I'm upset that it happened to us. We did everything right, I don't drink, smoke, we ate very healthily, I took the folic acid, I know there's no rhyme or reason, I just never thought it would happen to us.

We got told about the cremation service again, the date is 25th May, I think they put your name forward, then its up to you if you go or not. I think, coz its a few months away, hopefully by then we will have moved on, not forgotten our little bubba of course, but think it will be hard to go. If it was next week, then maybe - know what I mean? So we haven't fully decided on that yet.

I'm really scared about trying again, scared of making love, let alone making a baby? Does/do any of you feel the same??

Anyway....I hope everyone doing ok? Thanks again for all your replies, means a lot.



  • Hi Z glad the op went ok - was thinking about you yesterday. You just need to take it easy now and look after yourself.

    My bleeding started during the night and lots has come out - I don't know if it has finished yet.

    Anyway, post as much as you like with whatever you are feeling xx
  • Hi z was thinking bout you yesterday. Glad your home and all went ok. I know what you mean about being scared bout ttc again and the actual sex i am petrified too but i think you will find your body will tell you when your ready i am desperate to start again but got to wait to stop bleeding properly (miscarried naturally). Its only been a week for me but feel like i want to go back to work and try and get back to normal, not that i want to forget but need to start to try and get myself together but like i said everyone is different and you just have to go with how you are feeling. As for doing everything right i feel the same too like you i didnt smoke took folic acid etc but am slowly accepting that maybe its just natures way!!! Although it is very hard as 3 of my other close friends are pregnant bout 5 weeks infront of what i was. And thats what i find hard to deal with at the mo im happy of course but also jealous that it happened to me not anyone else. Hopefully this will heal with time!!!!
    Anyway im rambling now so will leave you. Just take yout time and keep talking im always on here if you want to talk/shout/cry xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi, glad the op went as well as can be expected. I know exactly how you are feeling, the day after my op I was just numb...... you will hae both bad and good days as you try to get through this, just let them happen. I cant tell you how hard my recovery has been, but mine has been 6 weeks, but please try to stay positive, the time will come when you feel ready and strong enough to try again. I have just go to that stage and all of a sudden the fear of all this happening again has hit me........

    Just relax, look after yourselves and don't expect too much too soon. If you need anything just ask, eeryone on here have been amazing and really helped me through the last 6 weeks. Looking forward to you joining us in TTC.

    Take care and keep us updated x
  • z, try to rest hun! things will get better day by day. my prayers are with you! *hugs*
  • Was thinking of you yesterday hope your cramps ease soon hun! I hope that you are taking it wasy and giving yourself time to heal. xxx
  • Hi Angelkisses - thanks for your reply, still crampy, but to be expected I guess. How are you doing sweet? I was so very sorry to hear your news, life is just not fair.... Zxx
  • Hi ZLS23, glad the operation went okay. You cant try and work out why it happened to you, I was exactly the same questioned the reason and I too had done everything right but I drove myself mad trying to work out why it might of happened.

    the first few weeks are hard emotionally and it seemed to be all I could think of but 31 days on now and I am feeling alot more positive and looking forward to ttc again. I am really scared about falling pregnant and feel sad that I wont be able to enjoy it so much because I will be so worried but It isnt going to stop me and I am determined to stay positive about it.

    This site is brilliant if you ever feel really down or angry, i seemed to waver between the two, you can just come on here and rant and get it all out

    Hope you have a good time on your holiday, it will be really good to get away from everything for a few days and recoop abit

    Take care

  • Hi Jacqui - thanks for your reply. You're right, we shouldn't question the reason, there is no rhyne or reason why these things happen, I guess you just never think its going to happen to you. I'm glad, 31 days on now, that you're feeling more positive and like you, when when we decide to ttc again, it is going to be hard to be happy and enjoy it for all of the worry. I guess we just need to relax and try and keep positive throughout those early days again.

    This site truly has been a godsend. It has helped me and hubby through some tough days.

    The fact that some people have recounted their own stories on here - even though some are horendous and so so sad - yet they still have time to comment and add such warmth to another person's thread means so much. I couldn't be in nicer company on here.....! Zxx
  • Hey sweetie, was thinking about you yesturday :\)

    I too was very worried about having sex after my mc and didn't let hubs anywhere near me, although I thought I was ready to TTC again, I obviously wasn't. Best thing you can do is take it an hour at a time and act on your feelings there and then, don't put too much pressure on yourself hun.

    Like the other lovely ladies said, use us here as much as you like; whether it be to rant, cry, shout and laugh...we'll always be here

  • Hi hun,

    Im glad the op went as well as it could. It does take time sweetie to greive, give yourself time & have lost of cuddles. Your mini break sounds like it will be a perfect time for you to both have some time out, I hope it helps somehow,

    Hugs xxx
  • Hi hun
    I am so sorry you have had to go through this - I felt numb after my erpc too. It does get better, eventually. Hold on in there. xx
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