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  • Some of you may have read it in the world cup baby list, others might have not. A bit of background cause I am not very active lately. I had a mmc early november last year, and since than I have had two chemical pregnancy's. With the chemicals I only ever had a positive test for two days, quite a while after my period was due before I started bleeding.

    Today is the day my af is due and no sign of her yet. I do feel weird en not sure if it is period coming or early pregnancy signs. I can eat all day, but am not really hungry. I do feel better after eating, a sort of niggly feeling when I do not eat. (I always had morning sickness whilst not eating with other pregnancy's)

    Anyways, I tested thursday with a FR and it was a very faint line. The line is visible, definitly now it is all dried up, but it was there. Oh just had a bit of trouble seeing it, so it was really faint. Friday I did a SD test, so csan not really compare the line cause it is a different brand. It is still positive, line is quite clear but still really faint. Definitly pink. I could not wait any longer than this morning so I did another SD test and again another faint positive which came up within the 3 minute window. (took its time, but it is there definitly pink)

    I can't determine if the test of yesterday is fainter or not, but I am slowly getting my hopes up that this is a sticky bean. Never had a positive pregnancy test for more than two days without it being a proper pregnancy.

    I am so scared and can not accept if I am pregnant yet. Was hoping we would have a clear positive by now and than we would tell the grandparents tomorrow. It is a year since we started trying again and we just feel we need some luck this year.

    Just need it out of my system, cause no one else to talk to. oh still asleep cause he worked till about 3 this morning, so this is the only place to talk about it.

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  • Breighlin:

    I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. When you've been through this many cycles of hope and disappointment it's hard to stay objective and positive and I totally empathise. All I can do is send you as much Baby dust, love, hugs and positive vibes as humanly possible and I pray this is your month! Keep us posted!

    Oooooodles and oodles of love Fairy T xxxxxxx
  • Cant really add anymore than to echo what fairythalia said but I hope this time its BFP and a sticky bean H x
  • I have decided I am gonna do a SD tomorrow morning, but will save the pee and do a cbd when SD turns up with another positive. Don't want to waste a cbd even though I got 4 of them. Still no sign of period, needs loads of weeing and am thirsty. (I never drink much)

    If the CBD is positive I am gonna make an appointment with the doctor for next week. Really hoping it will be positive. Just saw a topic in ttc and there was someone announcing her bfp and the picture of the test just looked like the line I had on FR on thursday and got a bfp on cbd after that, so hope it will be the same.
  • good luck breighlin. I really hope this is your sticky one! got my fingers crossed for you.
  • Ok, another faint line came up on a SD and a very faint line on an ebay cheepie. (never get positives on them with my last two chemical pregnancy's, so use them as a meassure to see how much hormones are there) Anyways, after that I told myself I was gonna do a CBD and it came up within two minutes with 'pregnant 1-2'

    I am still a bit wary of it all, cause period is only a day late, but I already have waves of sickness feeling and such. So hopefully this is a sticky bean, but not ready to leave her yet. And definitly not ready to go to DIF. (even though I have been reading there a bit over the last two days)
  • congrats! hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months. after your bad luck you really deserve some positive news!
  • Arrghh!! Woooo, what a fabulous Fathers Day (to be) pressie for your hubs!!! I'm so so chuffed for you! image

    Major CONGRATS to you both xxxxxxxxxxx
  • So happy for you many congratulations. I love to see BFP announcements on here as it gives us all hope. Hope you have a super sticky bean x ximage
  • Congrats hun, loads of sticky baby glue. and what a lovely Father's day present.
  • OMG just seen this and so happy for you sweetheart. You definately deserve this xxxxxxx
  • Congrats huni, so pleased for you!
    MrsH and little pud 12+6 xx
  • Congrats huni, so pleased for you!
    MrsH and little pud 12+6 xx
  • Thank you all. Really hope this is my lucky bfp. Did another test this morning and it is still faint. Really hope it is increasing. Thinking about going to phone the doctors today even though it is early days, cause I want to ask about my anti depressents and pregnancy. But I am worried I am told it is still very early. (only 4+3 today)
  • Awww big congrats hon xx
  • Huge congratulations hun, so pleased for you. You really deserve this hun and keeping everything crossed this is your sticky bean x x x
  • Am so pleased for u sending u lots and lots of sticky babydust......................

  • Well I am feeling sick in the mornings, feeling not myself during the day, so I guess I am getting some symptons now. Did a tesco's own brand and a good line came up. Even the ebay cheepie was a lot darker than the day before, so I guess hcg levels are going up.

    Just came back from the doctor, kinda needed his advice on the anti D's I have been taking and we decided to slowly wean of them. Might go cold turkey soon though, depending on how I feel. Part of feeling so depressed was the loss of our pregnancy's.

    But I am starting to relax a bit, we are passed the stage of the two chemical pregnancy's. Now just waiting to see if we can get passed the 12 week mark.
  • glad you're feeling more positive. make sure you've got enough support if you do cold turkey it. don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    so you might have a valentines baby then?! how exciting image
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