Bit confused on when I should expect AF

Hi ladies,

just a quick question,

when can I expect AF to arrive???? - I have read that people say between 3 - 8 weeks - but is this counted from the day the mc happened or after the bleeding stopped?

thanks all

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  • hi
    my mc was in october and just got af seven weeks and one day after d&c date. i also had slight spotting at 4 weeks and 6 weeks which threw me a bit. hang in there. also this is the heveist bleed i've had for years and quite painfull but everyone is different. i think if it had not come after 8 weeks i would have seen gp.
    hope this helps
  • Hi PB

    With my miscarriage in September, I bleed for one week and then AF came 4 weeks after that so 5 weeks in total.

    Its a horrible time and no-one can make you feel any better but trust me it does get easier when your body gets back to normal, just take care of yourself and be selfish - everyone else can look after themselves you need to concentrate on you!
  • mine was 7 weeks and a day exactly from the day i mc. didn't have any pain with it and wasn'r heavy. xx
  • Hi im in the same situation I still havent had AF after my m/c. I am now on day 38 (from the day my M/C) n have no sign of it what so ever. I know how u r feeling it is horrible not knowing when it will happen. I keep having to check all the time that my A/F hasnt started. Unfortunately there isnt a right or wrong answer to this one it depends on how long ur body takes to recover. Im finding it really hard at the mo as I want my A/F to come so I can no when to ttc but at the same time I won't be preg. Running out of patients but I supose havent got much chose in the matter.
  • thanks everyone for your responses - gives me a rough idea.

    Im still slightly bleeding (mmc 3 weeks ago today), so Im hoping that it will soon stop and then early/mid Jan AF will arrive.

    I know it may sound mad but then it means that I may be able to get a BFP end of January.

    Our baby was due beginning of May - so I am hoping to try and be further then 17 weeks this time round by my due date - I think thats the only way I will cope!

    here's to PMA and wishful thinking

    x x x
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