Am def going to start ttc nxt cycle..

I have had my bloods re-done today for lupus anticoagulant, they will take about 3 weeks to come back & I should be able to get the results rather than wait till 23rd Feb when our nxt appt is.

So I have worked out dates & if my cycles have gone back to 32 days then that means that I should hopefully have the results before I ov so I have decided that the cbfm will be coming out nxt cycle & will start trying properly for our 2010 bean.

If anything comes back on those results at last if I conceive then they will be able to help us.

Bring on 2010 ladies im going to stock up on hpt's & let the early testing & SS begin!!! xx


  • WOO HOO!

    Yippee, so so pleased for you!! That is such lovely news.

  • Yeah, thats great news!!! xxxxx
  • whoop whoop!! I am with you on the january ttc, excited and scared but mainly excited! x x x
  • Thanks girls, I feel full of PMA again & I just know 2010 is the year for us, just hope we all migrate to pg together xxxx
  • yay fab news - knowing you you'll beat us all to it tho little miss fertile that you are ;\)
  • yyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy u can join us properly in the mad world of the 2ww!!!!! xx
  • Hi Laura

    Just g/c'ing to say I am sooo happy to see you so full of PMA! image

    I will keeping my fingers very tightly crossed for you that 2010 brings all you wish for :\)

    And it's great news that you'll be able to get the other results back earlier.

    Love NN xxx
  • Just popping in and couldn't ignore your post, that's wonderful I know you've had a long wait to get to ttc so congrats and wishing you a speedy, sticky bfp asap x
  • yeaaa!!! so excited for you!
  • So glad you are feeling much more positive about things and have begun thinking about ttc again. I haven't been around for a while so I am not sure how your appointment at RMC went but sounds like labs may have messed up on one of your tests. Our appointment is in a little less than 2 weeks and unfortunately I have been unable to complete the final blood test as I am still wait for AF after last MC (where is she!!!). Our referral letter says we need to cancel if we haven't completed all tests but think I might just ignore that as we are so desperate to get results from karyotype. In the meantime I have tried to arm myself with the latest research to ask questions and came across a new trial that will start in Jan 2010 for women with RM. It might be of interest to you...will be happy to post details if would like them.
    Goodluck for 2010 lots of sticky baby dust x
  • Hurrah! I feel more positive and less in limbo this month as we've started TTC again. It must be so hard for you after having 3 mcs, but your tests could come back clear and it could be the case that you really have just been really unlucky. I personally know two people who've had 3 mcs and conceived (although I admit, the 3 mcs were before 1st and in between children). So pleased for you and good luck!

    J x
  • Hi Girls

    Sorry im a little late in replying we got back from Barcelona today, had a great time.

    Thanks for all your kind messages ladies.

    N5228 thanks hun yea would love to read that info you have as our nxt appt is in feb 2010. Good luck with all your tests & hope AF comes in time for you to get the CD2-5 bloods.

    Make sure you let me know how it all goes hun.
  • Go for it girl x x x x Wishing you and everyone lots of luck and angelpower x
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