Slightly Confused.... but that's easily done!

Morning Ladies,

Hope everyone is well! I am slightly confused, :roll: been recording my BBT and CM on FF since MMC and this is my 2nd cycle first month of actually trying!

AF arrived last Tuesday and lasted a week so I am now on CD12 but put my temps in this morning and it updated and showed that possible Ov could of been CD9 (last month my cycle was 31 days cycle before MMC was usually 28 days but I was on the pill, so surely this is to early) I'm not testing for Ov as I will become obsessed! I havent had an EWCM though so surely FF is wrong and I cant have OV'd although my temps are a bit erratic as I am loaded with 'man flu' :lol: and only had 1 day watery CM (TMI - Sorry!!!!).

Please tell me FF is wrong :lol: and I am right!

Em image


  • I think ff only goes by average, I may be wrong.

    I'd just bd now and when you think you may be ov'ing just in case. Cover all times image
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