1xcbd 1xfr 1xcheap=3xBFN.. I don't get this ttc stuff (tmi)

Well since stillborn I've had 1af on 20/10 based on ewcm and a 'prediction online ov calender' I thought I'd ov'd around 1/11 and based on a 28day cyle would be due af 17/11 BUT I'm now getting more ewcm sooo totally confused as to whether I'm ov'ing now or before and when the hell I would be due af. Would love to think my recent cm is a pregnancy indicator based on other 'ss I was pregnant' threads I've been obsessed enough to peep at but based on tests it's looking unlikely.

Is everyone using Opks and cbfm etc or does it add to the pressure too much. I could let mother nature take it's course but Im just not prepared to wait that long anymore!

Not entirely sure the point of this thread I just needed to write it down and maybe I'll notice how crazy I'm going or perhaps one of you would like to point it outimage thanks


  • Hi!

    I think one of the most frustrating and upsetting parts of this process is waiting for your body to go back to normal, and second guessing what your body is telling you.

    I bought a cbfm and have found it invaluable. It helped me feel like I was regaining control, and as I never really have had much ewcm, it means I can track my ov without the confusion.

    Lots of ladies on this forum have had bonkers cycles after their mc, so you are certainly not alone. I hope everything works itself out quickly for you, so that you can start to move on .

  • Hey,

    I was so sorry to read your story. I had a mc about 4 weeks ago. I bought a CBFM straight after while waiting for af as once i knew i was pg i felt really ready and after mc i feel even more ready and desperate. I have found it a lot less stressful so far (although as start of cycle so all lows) but i'm not constantly thinking have I got my ov dates right? I can just leave it up to the CBFM to tell me and bd at the right time. At least then I can't blame myself if we dont get pg each month.

    Rly hoep you get a BFP soon but also that you feel emotionally ready. i so wanted to get pg on my first cycle after mc but looking at it now i think im much stronger a few weeks on so if you don't get pg straight away all im saying is see the time as an opportunity for more healing.

    Take care xx
  • swear by my cbfm, for 10 months we casually tried but had no idea of my cycle and got my bfp the first time, now on cycle 3 but my last AF was only normal, the one before was a bit odd so guessing my body is now 'normal' (what ever that is??!!) i find as long as i don't tell hubby when my highs/peaks are and keep BD'ing regular so he's none the wiser it's fine, it' puts too much presure on him otherwise. xx
  • Oh poo - you mean my body might not be back to normal yet! Grr, wouldn't mind changing it for a new one with all the mod cons but hey ho!
    Well i've still an ounce of hope for this month and that I've just tested too early but I think deep down I've not caught the bfp. Think I'll start fresh with a cbfm next month and hope hubby is up to bd on demand lol! We actually had a tiff about me only wanting him for his 'baby making powers' this month..... Men- they're never happy lol!
    thanks everyone and ttc/9mth bump luck all around x

    Is cbfm a lot better than the fr version?
  • Short answer to your cfbm vs fr question - YES!!

    I tried out the fr bumper pack of 20 the month before I bought the cfbm (on the premise that it would save me money). But the fr ones only tell you when you get your peak, not when you are "high" fertility, then once you have the peak there is no point using the rest of the sticks, so I wasted loads (they have to be used within 30 days of opening so you can't use them for two cycles).

    I suppose for ladies who ov later on in their cycle they make more sense, but I was looking to track my whole cycle a la the cfbm and so was disappointed in the fr sticks. ??30 wasted! In retrospect I should have just invested that 30 quid in the cfbm from the start.

  • I am really struggling now. I am aching so much to have a baby and am ss like mad. In theory I should be due af 17th and I just think if I was going to have a positive it should have shown up by now! This is so damn hard and I've only just started!
  • Hi, Any news today???

    Fingers are crossed x
  • Thank you dotty, no af yet, I feel physically sick with fear as to a poas result. Not testing today and assuming af doesn't show up I'm going to treat myself to the bogof offer in boots tomorrow and begin testing either then or thurs am!
    How are you feeling?
    My belly is beginning to look pregnant again which is so unfair/hard (unless a bfp shows) but I'm beginning to think its prob af bloating, along with the ache in back and front. problem is I feel like I could be pregnant but then I felt like that after delivering Angel too, so I think my hearts teaming up with my body and playing tricks on me image aaaarrrgh!

    Fingers crossed for us both though, hope not gone 'yet' image
  • Hi W4B,
    No news is good news in this case!! The thought of getting the BFP is scary, and it would be a frantic 9 months! I know what you mean about feeling pregnant after delivering Angel (did I mention i've got a niece called Angel, she was born on the anniversary of my dad's death, hence the name, and she's a little monster, but adorable, very contradicting name!!) Anyway, I'm straying from the subject there, I felt the same when I had Ewan, I felt as though i could still feel the heartbeat in my tummy, I know it was my heartbeat, but it felt like there was still something there image
    I'm feeling fine, got stomach cramps, but not sure if thats because i've been eating lots of fruit!! I so want the BFP, but it's scary at the same time!!
    Keep me posted on how you get on, send me an e-mail if you don't want to shout it out loud on here just yet.
    Good luck, you're in my thoughts xxx
  • any sign yet W4B? the waiting game is def the hardest! xx
  • No af, no positive and no baby. I feel like cr*p and I don't mean to sound childish but...... it's not fair!!!!!! I can't believe how hard this is. I want Angel here and she's not, I want to be holding my baby and I'm not, I'm poas to be told I've got to wait even longer and yet there are people like that mum who've been blessed with 4 and she can't look after any of them! Not a good day, sorry! I think even though af has not shown up yet, there's no chance of a bfp this month as I'm sure I'm already 18dpo so I've just got to wait for the witch to turn up and no doubt she'll want to be back over Christmas too.

    Hope everyone else is doing better than me x
  • Oh hun, Im so sorry to hear of your loss!! No-one should have to go through what u went through!! I just want to send u a big hug!!

    Take one day at a time hun xx
  • Hey,
    What a nightmare for you, it does sound like your cycle may not be back to normal yet, or it could be good news, just holdout a bit longer! Well the witch got me today, so if you're in the same situation we'll have to try together again next month!! Big Hugs xx
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