Mood Swings...

Just wondering if it's just me or not...

I had an ERPC on 26th May earlier this year & I'm still find my mood changes dramatically, sometimes I'm fine, other times I'm really emotinal & get quite irrationally angry :evil:... I'm finding myself getting really wound up at work & I'm trying my best to not get stressed or take it out on others! :roll:

Just being able to talk to you lovely ladies makes me feel better though... knowing I'm not the only one to go through this rollercoaster :cry:

Anyway, guess I'll just have to work through it & try to relax...


  • Hi there....your definately not alone. All of us on this forum have been through a heartbreaking experience that never leaves you. Certain dates, songs, people can bring back the hurt in a second and leave us in tears or angry, its not fair. We are all still very raw and healing slowly. We are all different and heal in our own way. Dont be too hard on yourself, you have suffered a huge loss. Again, you are not alone. Take care, Tracy xx
  • Thank you Tashelby... I was having a bad day yesterday... feeling better today though : ) Thank goodness for this forum & website! xxx
  • I had my ERPC two days after yourself and no exactly how you are feeling. i'm not normally an emotional person but have gone through loads of ups and downs in these last few months. Poor hubby doesn't know if he's coming or going!!!!!

    You are definately not alone
  • Hi Shelley5185,
    I agree, my hubby has taken the brunt of it too... Although I have to say that I am quite emotionally normally, so it's been emotion overload here! At one point he asked if I wanted to go for a walk & see the flowers that were out & I burst into tears because he was being so lovely! The poor guy...
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