AM 3-4 Days Late

Im 3-4 days late im hoping its my month again and this month last year i lost a pregnancy.
but i just dont feel excited i feel as tho she is lerking aroung the corner ready to get me, plus hpt say bfn.
any advice on what to do?


  • Awww hun - me too
    Testing on Saturday, lost baby in January so don't really know exactly when the witch will put in an appearance
    Sorry can't offer any advice, just couldn't read n run
  • Fingeres crossed for you, hope it is not just your body being cruel. I was 4 days late in November and sbolutely convinced this was it even after 3 bfn's. The body is really cruel sometimes. fingers crossed for you. She came knocking at my door this morning but she was welcome here, I will hang on to her for you xx
  • well im now 6 days late and still no sign, dont wna get my hopes up.
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