Anyone tried SMEP? Am thinking of trying it with my cbfm for next cycle.

Feeling desperate now LOL


  • Hiya, we tried it after a mmc at the end of September last year and it worked first time!! Im now 9+3
    Keep your chin up hun, it will happen x
  • Without knowing it we did it when we were trying for Michael and fell pregnant first month. Now I have read about it and we are trying to implement it a bit, but last week we did it every single day just because we felt like it. We were not going to wait a day if we felt like it, but did at least every other day.

    I still think it needs to be fun rather than we need to do it NOW kinda way. One of the reasons I am not tracking ov (together with money side of things)
  • That's great Kazza well done hun thanks for that.

    Still gona keep it fun but nxt month will be month 16 including the 4 mc im feeling rather desperate now if you told me to jump around outside in the nude chanting cause that would give me a sticky bfp then i'd do it LOL xx
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