positive ovulation test after miscarriage...


i haven't posted on here before but taken so much comfort from this through our experience.

I found out i had a MMC at 7 weeks last thursday and had a medically managed miscarriage which started the next day. We should have been coming up to 11 weeks so i was glad to find out when we did and not at our 12wk scan.

We have been coping really well, and have decided to start trying asap.

My bleeding has all but stopped, just there when i wipe after going for a pee (tmi!). The hospital has never discussed hcg levels with me, and it is just from my own research that i have been pregnancy testing at home to see when i get a negative. The positive line is very faint.

This morning i was lying in bed and felt ovulation type pains. So i did an ovulation test and it was positive. A really strong positive line.

Do you think i could be ovulation 9 days after my miscarriage, or could it be something to do with remaining pregnancy hormones?

We know doctors recommend different things with regards to waiting, but we have decided to be one of those couples that try straightaway. I really am desperate to be pregnant again.



  • hey hun... it could be from your hormones still there.. wait untill you get a negative preg test and then do ov tests couple days after... from the day u mc u count as cd1 so if you mc thursday then youl be on cd 4 now... when do u normaly ovulate do u know?? before the mc anyway? xx
  • Hi

    thanks for your response. I read you got your BFP, congratulations! :\)

    I was ovulating on CD11-13 before we fell pregnant. If i take my MC as CD1 (Fri 23rd, i said Thurs but that is when i found out about MMC) then i would now be on CD11.

    I am so desperate to be pregnant again, but trying not to get obsessed with it. I think that is easier said than done.
    I feel like we had everything planned out and i need to now get back on that plan.

    My friend was told not to do any HPTs as she was told that she could test positive for over a month after her MC due to hormones. And that she could still fall pregnant in this time without risk.

    I know i need to try and just take things as they come as it is only 11days since my actual miscarriage, but i am feeling so positive about things and not doing this out of grief or feeling stressed.

  • I now have a completely negative HPT!! I never would have thought I'd be that happy to see a negative!

    I'm continuing to OV test right up til I get AF (or maybe not). I really don't want to miss any opportunity.

    If AF arrives then I am going to use CBFM. Read great thing about it, and it will just be more relaxing having the uncertainty taken out of things.

    It's our 1year wedding anniversary this weekend, what better way to celebrateimage

    baby dust to us all

  • Hi there, I'm new to this and going through a similar thing. Just wondered (although it was a while ago) how you got on? I found out at my 12 week scan I had mmc at 8 weeks and 6 days. Miscarried naturally at 13+6 days. Started doing cbfm on day 6 after start of mc. Day 6 was low, 7 low, 8 low, 9 low, 10 peak, 11 peak, 12 high, 13 low and 14 low. Did a pg test day 10 but was still showing positive from the mc so don't know if that was a false positive for ovulation because from what I can gather, you can't ovulate while you still have high hcg? I know time will tell and I'll keep doing the cbfm sticks each day until I get AF, but wondered how it worked out for you? Hope you had success? Best wishes...

  • Hi ladies I had a D&C end of Feb at 12 weeks pg exactly. I had positive pregnancy tests and very strong positive ovulation tests for 4 weeks after the D&C suddenly the 10miu pg test was negative and 3 days after the ovulation test went back to negative!! Felt like forever now on cycle 6 and hoping for a BFP very soon!!

    Good luck ladies xxx🍀🍀🍀

  • I'm so sorry about your mc, I didn't realise before just how common it actually is. (Not that helps much!🙁) Have you been doing ovulation tests since? Best wishes and I soooo hope you get a positive soon! 💖

  • I've got 3 healthy children and suffered 5 mcs:/

    we wanted a 4 th but experiencing difficulties all of a sudden! Partly I think as I am now 39 started miscarrying from age 37:/

    im starting Tamoxifen in September to help gather a few more eggs!! I'm determined:)

    I always use OPKs yes clear blue digi and the cheapie strip from pound shop . You can get a positive opk but not release an egg that's the problem:/ I'm now taking temps every morning as if you see a rise in temp after positive opk that indicates an egg has in fact released!!

    oh the stress haha will get there in the end:)

  • Wow, well it sounds like you're doing all the right things. I too am 39, 40 in a couple of months, so time is literally ticking hence really why I want to grab the next chance. I've never had any problems in pregnancy before so this is new for me. I do have lots of children too some with the help of the cbfm, so hopeful I'll show a peak again once my hcg is super low. Fingers crossed hey? I wish you all the best next month, please keep me posted how you get on, I will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! 💖 Xxx

  • I'm 40 in January!! Still feel 20!

    Thank you and fingers crossed for you too:)


  • Hiya, firstly so sorry to hear about your mc. I myself had a mmc last Wednesday (2nd November 2016) and had an erpc the day after, Thursday 3rd, and it was mine and my husbands first and we were both absolutely devastated, baby stopped growing at about 9 weeks and it had no heartbeat 😢 as you said we had an early scan 5 days before our first scan (12 week) was meant to be so in a way I sort of prepared myself that it could be bad news due to nasty brown discharge and a slight bit of blood. Had no pain or anything really and even after the erpc my bleeding stopped that night and only slight spotting. Hardly any pain! Think I'm very lucky in that sense. Also just like you we aren't waiting for AF to try again we are going with it since I didn't have any bleeding or much pain except slight cramping over the weekend (5th/6th November) we just decided to TTC. Monday 7th (original scan day 😟) we decided to take a pregnancy test and we were happy but sad that it was a negative. So ironic isn't it?! So does anyone know if this means my hcg levels are back to normal?? Tuesday eve I decided to take an ovulation test and it was positive so we DTD again and again on Wednesday and Thursday  (not regimented we are quite a close couple and after what we had been through we were desperate to be closer but couldn't that soon after the op) Ovulation test was positive again on Wednesday but then negative yesterday which gives me a slight bit of hope!! Does this sound like I was definitely ovulating?? Everyone's different I know and we are trying not to overthink it or stress and just go with it. Am not going to do anymore ovulation tests now just gonna see what happens! I wish everyone luck and thank you all for sharing your stories it really helps! And so sorry for rambling on lol! Take care all xx

  • I had exactly the same as you in July. followed by an ERPC etc and bleeding stopped straight away. We also started trying again and I am now about to start my 5th cycle. 

    In terms of your ovulations sticks, inwoukd be surprised if you did ovulate so quickly after the ERPC, but it's certainly possible...

    my cycles have gone back to normal after the MC in terms of length but my actual periods are just spotting.... and only last a day... I am going to be making an appointment to get checked out. 

    Good luck x

  • I'm so sorry ladies for what you've been through.  After mine in August, the positive ovulation result on the cbfm (day 12) wasn't really a positive as af didn't come until day 45. I've since had 2 more af's and still trying to hit the nail on the head, so to speak! Fingers crossed this month! I wish you both all the luck in the world! Xxx

  • first off, my heart goes out to all the ladies that have suffered a mc. It's devasting no matter how far along you were. I had my first mc on oct 27 2016. I was so excited about the pregnancy and really didn't think it would happen to me...and now I know it's so common, a sad but true fact. Anyhow, I mc'ed at 5 weeks and all happened naturally. My doc said we could start trying again right away. I started tracking my ovulation and it looks like I got my positive just 2 days ago on CD17 (normal for me) and i used my mc as CD1. not sure how possible it is for me to get pregnant immediately after a mc, but I'm ovulating and the thing that keeps me going is trying for my baby! Good luck to all xox baby dust to all. 

  • I'm in the same boat! I just had a D&C Tuesday November 8th. We got pregnant on our first try but by the 9th week only saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac...no babe had even started growing. I've pretty much stopped bleeding (just light spotting now) and don't have any pain from d&c, so decided to take an ovulation test this morning and it was positive. I know that it could just be leftover from the pregnancy, but this would be when I would have ovulated in my regular cycle, I'm having my usual ovulation pains on my right side, which would be the ovary that I would ovulate from next since the last egg came from the left side..plus I haven't 'felt' pregnant since week 6/7, so my levels might close to normal by now. I know better than to get my hopes up too high, what will be will be and I'm ok with that, but after reading so many stories where women didn't wait, I'm starting to think it will be ok to at least try! My doc said to wait 2 weeks for sex and to use protection until after my first AF, but I'm not sure I want to. 

    Also- Janiney, don't quote me because I'm definitely not a doctor, but if you had a negative pregnancy test I would think that would mean that your levels are probably back to normal, because a pregnancy test would only be positive if it picked up higher than normal HCG levels. Good luck to you!

  • I would have thought that a week would have been too soon to ovulate again.... the OPK might be picking up HCG... have you taken a negative PG test? 

  • P.s I started trying straight away... they tell you to wait so that a new pregnancy can be dated 

  • CurlyE09, don't wait if you're ready to try again then do as my mum used to be a midwife and she said it's only for dating reasons which could mean you may get an earlier scan anyway! 

    Flybutterflyfly, every woman and pregnancy is different and I've read stories that some women have fallen a few days after their smm (erpc) so it is completely possible and as you say CurlyE09 I'm thinking the same that I don't want to get my hopes up too much but its the only thing keeping me going and positive atm just that little glimmer of hope that we could have already conceived again! We are going on holiday next week, thankfully, so are not going to think about it anymore and just relax and spend quality time together and as you said CurlyE09 what will be will be.

    Good luck and much love


  • I completely understand we are all different.... was just making a note to ensure thats it isnt picking up on HCG as it is very soon,,,, if HCG is present then ovulation can't occur. 

    after my ERPC my levels were gone straight away, but some ladies don't get a negative test for several weeks afterwards so best to rule out by taking a HPT and ensuring is negative to avoid any confusion. 

  • I did have a negative pregnancy test 3 days after my erpc flybutterflyfly so would think that my hcg levels would be back to normal or I'd have got a positive test I imagine?! I have no idea though I could be wrong. But I'm still hoping I was ovulating last week image hugs to all that have been through it xx

  • My suggestion was to Curlye09 to test as you and I chatted earlier in the week and I know you got a negative test. 

    No one told me to take a negative test until a few weeks after mine had happened and it was suggested to me on here so that's always my suggestion to any new ladies... 

    good luck

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