Any football widows in the house??

My oh has got home had dinner & stuck the footie on!!!

Dont mind too much at the moment as means I can talk to you lovely ladies however it's not happening nxt week otherwise it will get in the way of the SMEP LOL!!!

Any other footie widows tonight to chat with as well as catching up on todays threads xx


  • Yep, I'm sitting in my living room with the lap top on my lap while hubby is glued to the Manchester derby. Worst thing is he's a sports journalist so likes to pretend it's all in the name of "research". Is it wrong to try to get him to BD at half time so I can go to bed?!
  • Ooo yes, me! Just realised what you meant! Just catching up on the old BE. What was going down in ttc while I was away?
    (and no it's not wrong to BD at half time - it's good time management!)
  • LOL Jo get to it hun if you havent already as it's half time now!!!

    What is up with be tonight anyone notice it's playing up, didnt even know you girls had replied only checked as it was doing something weird.

    M&S there was a big hoo haa the other day with some girl she done a post about the 2ww & wether people put there life on hold or how they shouldnt put there life on hold she didnt like other opinions & then her friend joined to have ago at everyone for upsetting her friend LOL.

    Very childish!! xx
  • Me too! Like you JoB I've got the lap top on my lap while DH is glued to the screen.

    oooooh, it's just gone 1/2 time so he's getting me a cuppa!

    and now back the the screen...
  • LOL im enjoying a nice glass of chardonnay, hopefully my last!! While my oh half watchs the footie & half falling asleep.

    Hope he's not like this nxt week or I'll have to sneak some pro plus into his dinner!!! LOL x
  • Double post silly Be

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  • Yes, it's playing up tonight, it says 0 replies!
    My whos on line is blank too. Just said to hubby that the net is prob over loaded by bored foootball widows like us!

    A glass of wine sounds lovely - enjoy it while you can as it may be your last for a while! Fingers crossed xx
  • Double post.


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  • Tut Tut

    Mines doing exactly the same Opalfruit!!

    That's my plan, gona enjoy a few of the naughty's before it's time to start operation luv bug!!!xx
  • Double post again, come on BE!!

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  • Love the plan! xx
  • Hi girls!

    I'm probably too late now as I see the footy is over but thought I'd say hi as my hubby is also watching the Manchester game....he tries to make me feel sorry for him cos he supports Tranmere and they never make it onto tv - so he actually ends up watchin a lot more using this excuse!

    Glass of wine sounds fab! Might join you as I haven't had one in a good few months and finished my antibiotics yesterday - Cheers!

    And I agree, BD'ing at half time is good time management! xxx
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