TTC after miscarriage

Hi. This is my first time on here so hoping it will help.
The beginning of November 09 I miscarried our baby at just 6wks. Although I keep telling my self it was better to happen earlier rather then later I cant help but think about it all the time. I had to go n have a internal scan which showed that it was mostly gone but still have clot in my womb but was told I would not need to have any thing else done. Went back to my own doctors n just 3 days after the miscarrige started they done a preg test n that came back neg. I only bleed for 6 days and did not really have much pain. A week after I stopped bleeding My fella and I decided to try again but I just cant stop thinking and as every day goes I just want to be pregnant even more. Im hoping speaking to people in the same situation might help. Im so scaried of it happening again but still so desperate to have another baby.:\?


  • you are deifinitely in the right place for people who understand how you feel. You are not alone in being desperate to be preg again, but really scared of things going wrong when it does happen.

    My MC was at 8weeks in early sept, and just finished 3rd period since then.

    Just come on here whenever you need to talk or have any questions. Everyone here is lovely, and we all help each other through the hard times.

  • Thank you so much. That is lovely to know as when I try and talk to my huband about it he just gets frustrated with me. But I suppose he doesnt really understand.
  • hey, we all feel like this and even more so in the early days after a mc. it does get easier. I had a mmc at 12 weeks and had to go into hosp to bring on my mc which wasn't nice but am now somewhere in the 2ww of our 3rd cycle since then. everyone on here is lovely. xx
  • Hi,
    So sorry for your loss.
    I had a mmc 3 weeks ago.
    Sometimes I feel fine and other times I just burst into tears!
    I totally understand what you said about your husband. Mine gets quite annoyed when I talk about the MC now. He just wants to forget and move on, but it's not so easy for us to do that.
    It is so heartbreaking.
    I hope you can be strong and get through this.
    It really helps to talk to others who have been through it.
    I'm so grateful for these pages & to all the lovely ladies sharing how they feel.
    Nettie x
    wishing you all lots of luck when you ttc image
  • Hi, Thank you for all ur replys. Its nice to not feel so alone anymore and 2 b able 2 talk about it. Didnt realise just how heartbreaking it is. I have a four yr old as well so I have had to play things down alot so she doesnt cotton on to whats happening as I decided not to tell her when I found out I was preg just encase n now im glad I didnt because I wouldnt of coped with telling her n keep been questioned about it. She keeps asking 4 a baby sister which im finding really hard at the moment. She has been for about a yr now which is why we decided it was the right time 2 try when we did. I dont know if im just taking every thing 2 heart at the mo. Just hope this horrible feeling gets better as time goes by.
  • Hi Shazzas,
    I think you are right about how the mc affects us differently to men- our hormones are all over the place and we've been through so much -both physically and emotionally.

    It is so hard to carry on after the mc, coz we always feel something is missing. Men don't understand that because we carried the baby around with us, thought about it every minute of everyday, even talked to it!

    I have also found hubby doesn't want to talk about mc anymore, he's accepted it and moved on, which is great if you can, but I need to keep talking things through and I must say my friends have been brilliant and so supportive. I'm really glad we told everyone about mc, because I think it has been easier for me to have it out in the open.

    The decision to tell friends & family was taken out of our hands as I had to go to hospital by ambulance after heavy bleeding (we were waiting a week for 2nd scan after 1st showed probable mmc, but wasn't definate), so pretty much everyone found out what had happened.
    It really helps to talk about it and get you emotions out.
    Thanks for Sharing your experiences.
    You're definately not alone in how you're feeling.
    Love & (((Hugs)))
    Nettie x
  • Hi honey

    So sorry for your loss. I agree with everything everyone has already said! It takes a long time to get over something like this, and also my hubby (as nice as he is) sometimes just doesn't have a clue (and I think he would be the first to admit to that).

    But you have come to the right place for support. The girls here were so lovely to me when I first joined - I really don't know how I would have coped without them.

    Keep talking - it's the best way to get better.

  • Hi, Thank u every one for ur replies. I cant beleave how supportive and understanding every 1 is on here. Its nice to know im not the only one who feels the way I do. If I hadnt of joined this site I was of thought I was going mad by now as my husband is just getting on with his life as though it didnt happen. Which to b honest as lovely as he is, is completely driving me up the wall. Men !!!!!!!!
  • Hi LC2RED, I had a mc lastnight at 6wks so I'm feeling exactly the same, my head is so jumbled and my emotions are all over the place. I'm desperate to start trying again but at the same time I keep thinking could I go through this all over again if the worst happened. It's an awful feeling but hopefully next time round we will get our little bundles at the end xx
  • Im sorry to here uve m/c. At least u r thinking positive n hopefully 2010 will bring us all some luck.
  • hey,
    its my first time on here so im new to it all but just wanted to talk to other people that have being through simular things to me and people that proberbly understand how i feel.

    i had a miscarriage when i was 11 weeks pregnant but the baby didnt come away from me till i was 13weeks it has being a year and a half since i suffered my loss and me and my partner are still having no luck in gettin pregnant.

    if anyone has any advice that might help me i would be so greatfull.

    nikki xx
  • Hi hun,

    Im so sorry for your loss.

    I had a mmc end of Nov at 17 weeks. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be pregnant again. I was even talking about it to my hubbie before we had left the hospital.

    We've decided to wait until AF arrives and then see if we're ready. at the time I wanted to start trying straight away - but it just wasnt possible.

    Im so desperate to conceive quickly (last time we caught first time on our honeymoon) but I have to keep telling mysefl that things may not happen that quickly. (so expect to see a lot of ranting posts from me in 2010!)

    just wanted to let you kow that you're not alone hun - and we're all here for each other


  • Hi Thank u so much for ur replies. talking about this has helped me so much n I hope it does the same for u. Finally starting to feel more positive although I will b glad once my 1st AF arrives or have somesort of sign of preg. it has been 6 wks since M/C but cant really do much about that at the mo so I supose will just have to wait n see.
  • Hi Thank u so much for ur replies. talking about this has helped me so much n I hope it does the same for u. Finally starting to feel more positive although I will b glad once my 1st AF arrives or have somesort of sign of preg. it has been 6 wks since M/C but cant really do much about that at the mo so I supose will just have to wait n see.
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