Here beginneth this month's saga

I'm 8dpo and tested today with fr, didn't even use fmu. I really need to get over this poas addiction.

Symptoms haven't been too bad so far, I've had aching 'full' feeling (.)(.) and stomach cramps. But they could easily be in my head or pre-menstrual symptoms.

I think the test has the faintest line, but it appeared after anywhere between 5 min and 4 hours. It's definitely pink though and not grey, which suggests that it might not be an evap. Who knows? I'm not holding my hopes up. Hubby said 'there's definitely a line' and he's normally good at being the sensible one when it comes to this trying to conceive malarky.

As I am sure you'll all point out, I know I tested ridiculously early. I bought first response tests because they were on buy one get one free and my totally absent willpower meant that I tested half an hour later. I can see you all rolling your eyes at me :P

I plan to keep updating this thread with this month's saga rather than starting new threads so as not to flood this topic.

Hope any of you who are in your 2ww are a lot more level heading than me, babydust to everyone x x x


  • Oh god no mate, i am no more level headed. I posted test date in jingle bells for 12th dec and i caved and tested today with a superdrug test and it was BFN at 10DPO. had some pink CM today but no AF so i guess the show ain't over yet! Fingers crossed for you and hope you get that darker line!
  • Roll my eyes?? As if I would Becky. I'm just as guilty as you - hubby and I had upsi last night (possibly more than you needed to know, but bear with me) and afterwards he said "oooo you might be pregnant now". Now my sensible side knows that no, I am not, as I am cd23 and my cbfm has been flashing m m m at me for a few days now. BUT I still lay awake for 3 hours willing myself to fall pregnant!!!

    Crossing my fingers and toes for you.

    Big Kiss XX Sara
  • Bec im not saying a word LOL!!!

    Although I will say this I do know women who used to be on ttc who got faint +ve at 8+9dpo!!!

    That I suppose doesnt help!!

    So when will you be updating again??? Are you gona test again tomorrow or hold out?? xx

    Sara I thought you were gona say you done the business & then tested LMAO!!! x

    I feel like doing a test cause I havent done one for ages, I dont even think we've had enough sex around ov as dont know when ov was LOL but keep feeling nauseous & have a stabbing itchy feeling in my left boob LOL!!!

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  • ive tested at some strange times of the month in the past.we are all up to all sorts lol. for example even though we were late home last night i still paniced in case we wouldnt bd.all the way home in the car i was willing my oh to be say we could all tell some funny stories about this.hope you get your bfp xxxxxxxx
  • LOL Roisine I was just thinking the same about funny stories, may help keep the PMA up!! x
  • I'm on a flipping high now and want to get the job done but can't persuade hubby to cheat and get going a month early. he's right but frustrating!!

    Beccaroo i have no self control either! I am willing that line to get darker!x x x
  • Beccaroo, when are you testing again!! Faint line sounds positive image
  • ha ha ha m+s i LOVE it! we always have a lil joke after BD telling the lil spermies to swim!!!

    Sounds good bec! we've all been there - although i have to say if i got a line that early i'd be bouncig off the walls for the next week! I am currently somewhere in the 2ww but have no idea where as had more highs this month so didn't get to see a peak but kep BD ing as usual so now i'm blissfully unaware and i am def more relaxed!!!! however i know i wouldn't of been if i didnt use my cbfm at all cus my cycles are long. xx
  • Tee hee.... I like your honesty!! I'm hoping I have the willpower to hang on to test. I have two tests burning a whole in my cupboard upstairs too,

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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