how long did you wait to get af after chempreg

just wondered how long on average did anyone wait to get af after a chemical pregnancy.i had one after my first mmc but i wasnt even a day late and it came in one fell swoop.this time i tested 15th jan got positives to 17th and not pregnant on 18th.was due af 20th jan.but ive no cramping like i usually do and everytime i think af coming its just clear (soory tmi) due a test for thrombophilia on 25th and dont know if i should mention this or not.thanks a mill hope you ladies have good dayxxxxx


  • Hi hun

    Im really sorry this is all so confusing for you.

    When I had a chem pg I bleed a week later, I tested a bit early & was getting faint +ve for about a week & a half then AF hit me full flow, clots & very painful (sorry tmi).

    I would mention it when you have the thrombollia blood test just incase there's a chance it can affect the blood results.

    Hope you get some answers soon one way or another hun xxx
  • i had to laugh just as i finished that post she came i saw she conquered lol.its just easier now that i know when cd1 not bleeding too bad yet and just slight cramps so at least this is first pain free period since october .well on to see if its a luv bug for feb...gotta keep optomistic !!!! hope you all have good dayxxxxx
  • ohh im sorry hun, that's just typical isnt it!!

    Add your name to the feb thread hun we can keep eachother posted on how were doing xxx
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