Results Tomorrow!! Updated

So ladies the date that i've been waiting for is finally here (almost) tomorrow we get the results of all our blood tests from recurrent mc clinic will also have an ultrasound & then discuss what will happen next i.e. booking the hysteroscopy.

When we 1st got referred soon after our 3rd mmc I was a bag of nerves & just kept thinking the worst. Now were finally here I feel like im in a much better place I dont really feel nervous despite the nature of some of the bloods.

So Just wanted to say a big huge massive thanks to everyone for keeping me sane & helping me keep the PMA through this wait, and to NN from due in Jan who has given me so much helpful information & support about the process & all the tests we have had.

Your all such wonderful women & I dont know what I would've done withour your support.

I'll update tomorrow when we have had results.

Afternoon ladies,

Well back from appt was a bit disapointing to tell the truth our appt was at 11.30am & we didnt get soon till 1.30pm!, they called me in just as oh had left to put more money in the meter for the car!!!

Our genetic blood tests wernt available as there is a back log & they are only just being done now so we wont get these results until feb when we have our nxt follow up appt!!! Gutted really as these were the most important. Most of my other blood results came back ok except for the lupus anti colugant which wasnt done properly so they couldnt get a reading so have to have that re-done.

And that was it spent 2 hours in the waiting room & 5 mins in the consulting room!!! I dont need to have anothe ultrasound as he done this when I was still getting the +ve tests & when he had to look at the vascular area in my womb. When we get the last of the tests in Feb well then discuss whats next.

Feeling really deflated I know it's good that the others have come back clear but I feel like we've been waiting for ages only to have to wait another 3 months!!!

Thanks for all your support ladies, and thanks for keeping popping back on to check on me. I dont know what well do now as was hoping to start ttc again after having these results & now dont know what to do for the best!!! xxx

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  • Hi laujai

    I haven't been on here for a little while...trying to take my mind off the whole ttc thing whilst we wait for our own referral and results from the RM clinic.

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope you get some positive news and reassurance for your future pregnancy.....I am so sure we will all be reading about your bfp very soon.

    I can't thank you enough for the advice you have given me. Our appointment has come through for Christmas eve but still waiting for a/f after last mc so I can have bloods done just hope she rears her ugly head soon so I don't need to cancel and reschedule.

    Keep us all posted and good luck for tomorrow

  • Good luck for tomorrow Laujai - you have been such a rock for all of us, you deserve some good news!

  • Good luck laura, i always try to seek you out and see how everythings going, i really hope you get some positive news that will help for the future, take care hun xxx
  • Thank you ladies so much.

    N5228 so glad you got your referrathrough hun, I know what you mean by AF I waited ages thankfully she came in time. Im sure yours will too hun, let me know how you get on.

    Sohappy thanks hun thats lovely of you I always have a peak in to see how you are.

    Thanks Sara looking forward to SS with you soon xxxx
  • Good luck for tomorrow xx
  • (((((((((hugs))))))))) You're more than welcome :\) You've been a fantastic support to me too over the months!

    I can't believe the time has gone so quickly....though I am sure it really felt like it was dragging by at times for you.

    I will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers very tightly crossed for you for good news.

    I remember having such conflicting feelings before our appointment - on one hand you want all to be ok but on the other hand you hope that perhaps they'll find something 'fixable' and then you'll have a reason for all the pain you've been through.

    But I am so pleased that you are feeling in a better place now and it's a testamant to your courage and bravery.

    Good luck and I will keep an eye out for your update.

    Lots of love, NN xxx
  • Good luck for tomorrow hun, I'll be thinking of you!! Big hug xx
  • Yay , good luck let us know how you get on! what time's your appoinment? xxxx
  • Good luck tomorrow Laujai, will be thinking of you.
  • good luck tomorrow!!
  • Thanks so much ladies, our appt is at 11.30am I will def update as soon as we get back.

    NN looking back the time has flown by really, I think i've tried to put a lot of it out of my mind, we spent alot of time processing our thoughts & feelings at the beginning of the process and now I feel so much better. I know what you mean by the results about on one hand wanting everything to be ok but then on the other to have something that is fixable that sort of gives you more hope for the next pg that you will be getting extra care & support throughout. By the way washaving a nose around the forums as I do to see how everyone is getting on & came across 1 of your bump pics have to say you look great & your little pink bump looks like she's doing well.

    Thanks again all, will pop on tomo for the update xxxx
  • good luck hun!! will be watching for your post!
  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow laura and will be logging in to see how you got on. You are so so strong and I have a good feeling 2010 will be the year of the big bump and baby for you x x x
  • Hi again Laujai,

    We spoke on the mc forum in October after you posted that gorgeous poem. Just joining you guys on here now.

    I hope you're doing ok and that the results go well tomorrow.

  • Hi luvvie - will be thinking about you today.

    You have been an incredible support to me over the last few months and i just know that next year will be the one for you!!

    Jodie xx
  • hi laujai

    I am thinking of you today and I'm really hoping you get some positive news from your results. You have been such a support to a lot of ladies on here, including me, and I really hope you get answers so you get your sticky bfp in 2010.

  • Hi honey thinking of you, hope you get some positive news also.
    jacqui x
  • the suspense is killing me, I hope you get back soon!!
  • and me! i keep naughtily checking back! xx
  • Oh Laura, I can't believe they've said you have to wait until Febraury to get the results back - that's ridiculous! You could always try ringing in a couple of weeks and just see if they're back and if there's any way they'd send them out/to your GP. Sometimes I really think they don't understand the emotional impact recurrent mc's and having all these tests have on couples.

    I'm pleased to hear that the results that were back are all ok though but I know what you mean about the chromosone ones being the 'important' ones.

    I really hope they'll be a bit more helpful and that you don't have to wait until February in the end.

    And thanks for the lovely comment on my bump!! :\)

    Love NN xxx
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