Flying whilst pregnant after having 1 miscarriage

I had a missed miscarrige in October and had to have an ERPC. It was awful and I am still coming to terms with it now. I think its not going to stop hurting until we are trying for another baby. The only problem is that we are trying to go to america in March for a relatives wedding. My OH is very scared about me flying when pregnant (if indeed I am by then). I have looked on the internet and its says its save but knowing I have had a miscarriage before, it is worrying.

I was wondering what others thoughts were and if youve flown whilst pregnant. I really dont want another miscarriage, but nothings to say that it will be down to the flying, it could just happen again.



  • When pregnant with my first I went on honeymoon when I was around 19 weeks pregnant. We flew for 4 hours there and back again 2 weeks later. I had no problems, just had a lack of space. It was fine though.

    Am unsure if I would do it again after having a mmc. Not sure if I would like to take the risk.
  • Thanks Breighlin for your reply. Id really like your opinions ladies.

    I see where my husband is coming from, but I dont want to put my baby on hold because of a holiday. I cant get over the mmc without trying again and I dont want to wait til middle of next year.
  • as far as i am aware as long as you are over 12 weeks it's fine. a friend wanted to go on hol when she was preg as a last minute deal and the doc said as long as everything was ok after 12 week scan to go ahead. Obviously after a mc this is going to be more worrying but until then u don't know. you could book it and then wait and see what happens as long as you don't mind loosing the money if u decide not to go! x
  • I went to Cuba while I was around 6 weeks pregnant, Doctor said it was fine for me fly. However on our first day in Cuba I had a MC. It was very scary as Docs didn't speak English etc and insurance company wouldn't let me fly home while I was bleeding. I wouldn't fly again before 12 weeks at least, purely because of the traumatic experience I had.
  • i'm having same dilemma, my MC was in oct, and hubby wants to book hol to cuba in jan, and worried may get pg before then. My pg book said 1st trimester best time to travel as not really affecting you much by then. Don't think the flight poses as risk. Main thing worrying me is that worried about healthcare if soemthing goes wrong, esp as read reevester's posts at time when you got back from your trip to cuba. but america has good healthcare if your travel insurance is good. Trying to convince myself that if an MC starts to happen, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening, and all the care we have is to look after us afterwards. But it's easier to said than done to stop worrying about it. but then I think if we don't book it and ttc take 8months again like it did first time will really regret it. It's not easy - I understand how you feel!
  • is there something in cuba i'm missing? xx
  • we are ttc at the moment and are planning on going to boston in mid feb. if i get pg this cycle will be 6 weeks pg if that. though i know of so many ppl that have flown pg that we are going to go for it. if something did happen then i know that it would have happened had i been on hols or not. could potentially ruin the hol but if i wait until after then i could mis a chance to get pg (if that makes sense.)
    sorry if that doesn't help but i have the view that we can't put our lives on hold to ttc and if we get lucky and get pg then the hols will be even better! xx
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