A possible TMI question...

I lost my baby at 11 weeks in December, I have had several bleeds since which have all started with kind of brown creamy cm then have had almost black stringy bits in... I have never had either of these with AF before? Has anyone else had similar? Is it still body getting back to normal?
I use Fertility Friend and according to that my luteal phase is 16 days yet this month it was 13... I thought it was constant??? I'm so confused and frustrated boohoo


  • Not had everything you describe but I am getting the black stringy things in my bleeding, but I did get these is normal AF also, only small amounts though. I asked GP and it is perfecttly normal, just clotting blood.

    Can I ask you a question. I MC at 11 weeks also on the 4th of Feb. I have been bleeding almost always since the D+C, it will be nine weeks on Thursday. It has been really on and off all the time ranging from spotting to full flown gushing!!!!!!!

    I had about 3 days of nothing at all even when I wiped and then last Thursday at 8 weeks I started with full flow every day, I thought that this was first AF as it was heavy and had cramps with it, however 12 days on I am still bleeding, much lighter but I have something everyday.

    It is killing me, going back to GP tomorrow, I have been wearing pads for almost 9 weeks now, something has got to be wrong?
  • That does sound like a long time to be bleeding - I bled for about 2 weeks then had what was maybe AF 10 days after that which would have made it 24 days after mc which is my usual cycle length so thought nothing of it.
    I would say got back to GP but as you're going anyway they'll be better placed to advise you... does it smell funny? I know after DD1 I commented to the midwife that the blood smelt funny and was that normal and it turned out I had an infection :/
    Hope it's all ok for you hun and thanks for replying!
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