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faint positive from miscarriage,can we still try?

Hi Girls,
Its been a week now since miscarriage and ive stopped bleeding. I went for another scan yesterday and they said it all looks clear, and that I have a small amount of fluid measuring 0.8cm left over. Nurse said I can start trying as soon as im ready. Do I have to wait till the PG test says negative or can We begin now?



  • If the nurse says to start from when your ready i'd take that as from now if you feel you are ready.

    I personally waited till i'd got the negative but also i had only just stopped bleeding at that point too so i'd say it's up to you xx
  • Hi, I too would wait until I got a negative test, but that's just me. Good luck TTC image Zxx
  • the hcg usually needs to be 0 b4 you can ov but nothing to stop you practising!image x
  • Hey hun,
    I didnt get a negative until about 3 wk's after mc but I started as soon as I stopped bleeding and as you can see from my other post I got my BFP within 6 wks and didnt have an AF.
    But I again, I was personally ready and didnt want to have to wait.
  • Yay! Orrr Thanks Suze, Thats it im gonna BD every night for the next month! I wanna be a mummy again!! xxx
  • lol. I wont be too graphic, but we BD every other night, tried at least 4 time's a week from the day I stopped bleeding. I was determined to get my BFP.

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