Does anyone take extra vit b6?

Hi Everyone

Does anyone take vitamin b6? Not sure if i'm started to get paranoid but think i have a short luteal phase and have heard that this can help.

I had a chat to my mum yesterday as she had a few miscarriages before getting pregnant. After 3 they gave her progesterone injections the next time she got pregnant and this solved it.

So stupid me came home and googled it. Obviously i don't wanna go and speak to the doc after just one miscarriage(they'll think i'm mad) but thought if this could help me then maybe i should give it a go.

My normal cycles are 28 days long. I usually get a pos ov stick on cd17 so i assume i ovulate the following 24-48 hours. Is this right. If that right then my lh phase would only be 10-11 days. So only slightly shorter.

Have any of you guys tried this?


  • I've not tried this, although at one point I was also worried about my luteal phase, but then that is because I was worrying about absolutely everything! When I was worrying I did a bit of net research and from what I could tell (although I think you should always take the interweb with a pinch of salt) as long as your lp is 10 or more days you are ok.

    Actually, I think you should talk to your doctor about what your mum said. I don't think you would be mad - you have found out a bit of crucial information that may impact on your own ability to carry children.Ok so you have "only" had one mc - but do you really want to go through another 2 before mentioning it to your doctor? Don;t be afraid to tell them - you are the most important person in this equation, and even if the do think you are barking, who cares, as long as they take this information on board and do some tests or offer you progesterone as a precaution!
  • Thanks for the reply moonandstars. I think i'm just looking into everything too much now. One minute i feel fine the next minute i'm like a woman possessed on google looking up stuff!!!!

    I's still waiting for my af after mc so think i'll see how i get on next month and try and see what my luteal phase is. Maybe if i'm still concerned i'll mention it to the doc.
  • I would, after all what can it hurt? If it were me I would probably try to see a lady doctor as in my experience they are the best!

    I know totally what you mean about looking up everything. I didn't really know a lot about the science of ttc before my mmc but after it I was like a blood hound, searching out all the things that can go wrong. The internet can be so helpful, but also such a curse!
  • Hi Mrs

    I don't think you're mad, and I would deffo mention it to the Dr. You have a 'Significant Family History' of m/c, sadly (please don't take that the wrong way X) During my first, successful, p/g I was closley monitored because I had a 'Significant Family History' of DVT, even though I hadn't had DVT myself.

    As you think it's you leutal phase, I think it's worth mentioning now X
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