ladies who have had a tube removed

i suffered a molar pregnancy which was first wrongly diagnosed as an ectopic, i lost my left tube image now every month at ovulation i get pain and spotting which ive heard is normal but this month it is heavy bleeding and cramping

has anyone else had this?? should i be worried? i lost tube in november and got first af in jan

any ideas??? oh and deff not pregnant xx


  • Hi lolly, I had an ectopic in september . Didn't have a tube removed but I do feel when I ov on the left side where it was and af pains are worse.

    I was told it was nothing to worry about and that it should decrease over time. It's apparently due to trauma x x
  • so they removed ur tube wrongly????

    Sorry i had a mmc so no words of wisdom but i have had bleeding just before ov... not heavy mind... could just be your body taking a while to heal. try speaking to your gp even if it's to put ur mind at rest, xx
  • Hi, I lost my right tube in September 08 due to ectopic pregnancy

    I'm afraid I can't help, I haven't experienced what you have, but I would say talk to your GP

    I realise that you were misdiagnosed but it might be an idea to go onto the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust's website and talk to the girls on there. Some of them might have experienced the same thing

    Good luck x
  • thanks hun, my gp is clueless he said spotting at ov is normal after loosing a tube but not heavy bleeding but it could be complications from the molar so speak to charing x who say nothing to do with molar see gynae who cant find a reason for it. im lost!

    tube was removed as they suspected ectopic and tube was enlarged, path lab showed a tumour in tube (vessicle as full of fluid) caused by molar . it happens v rarely with molars. but tube didnt need removing. im glad they did what they did as it could have been ectopic n if theyd hung around to be 100% sure the consequences would have been much worse.

  • Oh lolly honey it just seems to be one thing after another for you! I only had spotting once before ov (after the mmc) but it was just that - spotting. Hope you get it sorted out soon - it's just a shame that we seem to have to be so pushy to get people to do anything for us!!
  • since getting the molar label no one at my local dr or hospital will do anything just get "talk to charing if you have concerns!" anyway i refuse to let it get me down. i need to be healthy for uni xxxxx
  • Yup I know that get out clause all to well! So annoying when all you want is some help. And if you ever mention ttc to a GP after a molar they go all grey and refuse to even contemplate it - all they can say is "well you really shouldn't go against the advice of Charing Cross". I could never be bothered to tell them that the ladies at ChX don't think it's a big deal.

    While I'm moaning - I made a complaint about how I was told about the molar. I had a letter back recently and all they could say was that the rubbish lady that spoke to me had 30 years of molar experience and spoke to 10 ladies a year about the condition. So that means about 300 ladies have been traumatised by her!!!!!! Outrageous!
  • i complained as the people who diagnosed the molar knew nothing NOTHING just printed out an advice sheet from charing x and started in on the Cancer talk. only time i got any good advice was from charing they got my brain scan done as i was having migranes n facial paralysis, cant say enough good things about charing!!!!! are they sure your woman spoke to ten ladies a year?? my hospital is quite large and im the first in 5 years or maybe thats just complete molars???

    so sorry you were traumatised by her hun, i found the worst part was everybody crowding round to look at pictures of the tubal tumour and my scans talking soo loudly about how interesting it was! FFS!

    anyway angry rant over, im going to east grinsted hosp to see another gynae specialist to see if its endometriosis on scar tissue

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